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you need to craft or buy a dark project mk-1. they cost 6 alien data cubes, 6 biometric crystal alloy, war supplies: invasion force x1, rakata energy node x3, and self-perpetuating power cell
So, to get these very expensive additional rooms for places that won't get used very often, you have to spend a Very large amount of Credits, then go hunting for all the above listed items (some of which you can craft/get from crew missions, others you will have to buy someplace - GTN or Cartel comes to mind) to make 1 very time-consuming expensive item, THEN, do it two more times to repeat said very expensive and time consuming process...

All for a bunch of pixels on a screen that represents something that really doesn't exist...and that no on in game will ever probably see, besides you.

Beginning to think that Bioware is only in this for the money....Our Money...whether it is Real or game creds...

But Hey...What do I know.