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1) Kaliyo Djannis: she lies, manipulates, and if the male agent romances her, she cheats on him. Also a psychopath who loves killing and destroying randomly. Over hardly anything redeemable about her except you get used to her and roll with it in the Agent story. I know some would think differently (especially her whole "Anarchy, screw everyone" vibe) but even in that regard she strikes me as extreme. Not to mention she sells confidential info out to her old Anarchist gang behind my back. I'm half-tempted to have her executed in KOTFE for her failure to get that vault open in Zakuul and for getting nearly all of Havoc Squad killed.
2) Darth Baras: I had my LS Warrior kill him at the end and it was so unbelievably satisfying to see my lightsaber ignite into his gut for everything he did. Plus I could use the "too dangerous too keep alive" rule as an excuse because he's got spies everywhere and is well-connected so sparing him isn't wise.
3) General Garza: has the Trooper commit war crimes and/or cover up her own and is totally willing to throw away innocent lives
4) Thana Vesh: again I'm an LS player normally but I saw no good reason to let her go. I killed her once we infiltrated the Republic space port and the colonists had left and I will honestly say it was satisfying. Come to think of it, the entire Imperial Taris arc is distasteful to me because all they seem to do is destroy things and there isn't much in the way of constructive or worthwhile efforts done to contest the Republic. They're just trying to "make an example" of Taris, which is a waste.
5) Agent Hunter: smug jerk who is basically the one responsible for giving the SIS the brainwashing codes to control me on behalf of the Star Cabal. Need I say more?
6) Tarro Blood: again, another smug idiot who tries to assassinate my character and screw me out of a fair fight.
7) Nok Drayen: I risked my life to recover his family heirloom and he thanks me by asking his daughter to kill me. What the actual ----?