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<Knights of the Republic> a Jedi/Military/Mercenary RP guild

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<Knights of the Republic> a Jedi/Military/Mercenary RP guild

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08.31.2021 , 05:07 PM | #1
As War Rages Across the Galaxy, the Republic needs a new generation of Jedi, Soldiers, and Mercenaries to defend it...

We are <Knights of the Republic>

Recruiting active Roleplayers to Join us!

Who are we?

We are a new roleplaying guild established in December of 2020. We are a guild oriented on character development, and combining the military aspect of the Republic with the Jedi. We accept all types of characters, including: light jedi, grey jedi, or even former sith. We believe by including diversity between characters in the roleplay allows for more creative, and interesting stories to develop. There are two pathways in the guild, either Jedi or Military which have many options you can pursue.


"You will be a Jedi, I promise."

If you join the guild as a Jedi, your first two events will be the Initiate Trials. Your character will have been training as an Initiate for some time, and are close to becoming a Padawan Learner. I'll explain the further details of the trials below.

First Initiate Trial

At the first initiate trial event your character will engage in a lecture about the meaning and purpose of the different precepts of the Jedi Code. Lead by a Jedi Master, he/she will engage the initiates about their thoughts of the code, and explain to them why it is the way it is. Following the lecture, the Master will assess the initiates' capabilities with a lightsaber. After some practice, the initiates will duel each other to allow the Master to provide tips for their form. Finally, the Initiates will travel into the crystal cave to retrieve their lightsaber crystals.

The Second Initiate Trial

At the second initiate trial, the Initiates will be pitted against one another in a series of lightsaber duels performed in front of a group of Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters, to help guide them to who they decide to choose as a Padawan. Following being chosen by a master, the Initiates will construct their lightsabers, and be promoted to a Padawan Learner.

Padawan Learner

In the time that you are a Padawan, you will travel with your master on a series of missions. The ultimate goal of these missions is to allow you to complete your five Trials of Knighthood: The Trial of Skill, The Trial of Spirit, The Trial of Courage, The Trial of Flesh, and The Trial of Insight. As you complete these trials, you will gather the knowledge and experience needed to become a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Knight

Once you are granted the rank of Jedi Knight, you may take on duties not normally assigned to Padawans. You may lead battalions of troops into battle, you may be sent on covert missions, and you might even take an apprentice of your own. During this time, you are the defenders of the Republic, and of the Jedi Order.

Jedi Master

In order to achieve the rank of Master, you must train one Padawan to Knight. Once you are a Master, you can oversee military operations, train groups of initiates, and possibly join the Jedi Council. During this time you are a leader of the Order, and have more experience than most other Jedi.

Republic Military

"And so we fight, for the Republic!"

If you choose to join the Republic Military, you have the option to join one of three squads: Alpha Squad, Bravo Squad, and Gamma Squad. Members of each squad are encouraged to specialize, with specializations including sharpshooting, technological specialties, demolition, recon, and tactical planning. Each squad is lead by a commander, with each squad having a different color armor.

In Infantry, the rank structure from lowest rank to highest rank is


To rise through the ranks, participation in numerous events is necessary. The amount of experience your character has significantly correlates to their rank.


As the war with the empire is ongoing, the Republic needs experienced privateers and mercenaries to assist Republic forces in combat. Anyone from a smuggler to a bounty hunter can have skills that could be valuable to the Republic's campaign for liberating worlds from the Empire's wrath. Not to mention, the pay is good. The Alderaanian Enclave has been given a budget for hiring mercenaries to assist them in combat and security. The rank structure for hired guns is as followed:

New Mercenary
Intermediate Mercenary
Advanced Mercenary

Which rank your character is set as is determined by how many story arcs they have participated in. Those who have participated in 1-2 story arcs would be considered a New Mercenary. Those who have participated in 2-3 story arcs would be considered an Intermediate Mercenary. Those who have participated in >3 story arcs would be considered an Advanced Mercenary.

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Roll System

We have a roll system that increases as you are promoted. Our roll system is as follows:

Initiate: /roll 10 for attack and defense. 2 HP

Private: /roll 15 for attack and defense. 2 HP

New Padawan & Specialist: /roll 2d10 for attack and defense. 3 HP

Corporal & Advanced Padawan (Participated in 2 story arcs): /roll 3d10 for attack and defense. 4 HP

Sergeant & Lieutenant : /roll 2d20 for attack and defense. 4 HP

Captain & Knight : /roll 2d20 for attack, 2d25 for defense. 5 HP

Master & Commander : /roll 2d25 for attack, 2d30 for defense. 5 HP.

Master of the Order & Republic General : /roll 2d30 for attack, /roll 60 for defense. 6 HP.

Grandmaster : /roll 60 for attack and defense. 6 HP.


New Merc (little experience): /roll 20 for attack & defense. 3 HP

Intermediate Merc (Participated in 2 story arcs): /roll 20 for attack, /roll 3d10 for defense. 4 HP

Advanced Merc (Participated in at least 3 story arcs) /roll 2d20 for attack, 2d25 for defense. 5 HP

SIS Agent

New agent: /roll 20 for attack & defense. 3 HP

SIS Agent: /roll 3d10 for attack & defense 4 HP

Operative: /roll 2d20 for attack & defense. 4 HP

Senior Agent: /roll 3d20 for attack & defense. 5 HP

One on one/small group (less than 4) lightsaber duels: utilize rolls above, in back and fourth attack/defense.

Large group (>4): Split into smaller groups, and groups take turns. Members of the group attack simutaneously, and can utilize team tactics. For Example: Group of 6 splits into 2 groups of 3. Group 1 attacks the target, each member of Group 1 having their own individual emote and roll. Then, Group 2 can attack with the same system.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Rank Requirements


First rank in the guild. Be sure to attend the initiate trial events, join the discord, and start getting to know people in the guild!

To become a padawan, you must complete both initiate trial events.

To become an advanced padawan, you must complete 2 story arcs

To become a Jedi Knight, you must complete at least 3 Story Arcs, and complete the 5 trials of knighthood (trial of spirit, trial of courage, trial of flesh, trial of skill, and trial of insight)

To become a Jedi Master, you must train one padawan to become a Jedi Knight.

To become master of the order, you must be a sitting council member voted in by the other members of the council.


First rank in the guild. Be sure to get your uniform from a guild officer, join the discord, participate in guild events, and get to know people in the guild!

To become a specialist, you must complete 1 Story Arc as a private, and pick a specialty (Demolitions, Field Medic, Slicer/Technician, Recon/Sharpshooting, or Defensive Tactics).

To become a corporal, you must complete 1 story arc as a specialist

To become a Sergeant, you must complete 1 story arc as a Corporal

To become a lieutenant, you must complete 1 story arc as a Sergeant, and complete an officerís class.

Being promoted to Captain is a less defined process. Your unitís size, rank of C.O. (Or need thereof) are factors determining how soon youíll be promoted to Captain

To become a commander, you must complete 3 story arcs as a captain, and lead 1 unit event.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Recruitment Video 1 Found here
Recruitment Video 2 Found here
Guild Stronghold Tour Found here

As a guild we offer an Alderaan Guild Stronghold, a Guild Flagship, a discord, weekly story arc-style events, and an enjin website.

We have a humorous and friendly atmosphere with a primary focus on having fun OOCly.

We hope you consider us as a potential guild to join, for more information our website is
If you have questions feel free to private message me here or message me in game (Manast Sartor).