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Operative Feedback

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.24.2021 , 08:23 AM | #1 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
With PTS now live, you can help test the Operative Combat Style.

Please answer the following questions:
  • Do the abilities available make this experience feel like you are playing an Operative? Please explain why or why not.
  • Is the ability tree easy to understand?
  • If you have feedback on the different disciplines, please note your feedback accordingly so we can track it.
When providing feedback, be as detailed as possible to help us understand your thought process and line of thinking.

If you have feedback about the Sniper Combat Style, please post it here.

Thank you!
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08.24.2021 , 05:30 PM | #2
Concealment Operative Feedback

Level 20 - Debilitate is a chosen ability? Not having a hard stun seems like a huge ability gap.

Level 35 - Advanced Stealth looks like a must have.

Level 50 - Having to choose between Infiltrator and Advanced Cloaking seems counter intuitive if you wanted to make a heavy stealth build.

Level 70, Rip Infiltrate, having to choose between Flashbang and Holo is really painful, mobility versus crowd control feels like a real step back.

Overall not a bad experience. I don't feel like I am 'missing' so much of my bag of tricks that I feel exposed. As a stealth class I never want to feel exposed.

Still having an interrupt is good to see, but the lack of a threat drop outside of cloaking screen is somewhat concerning. There is a lot of confusion over what you guys are doing with regards to threat, taunts, and drops.
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08.24.2021 , 05:33 PM | #3
I'd love to give some great feedback on this, but, for now, here's my feedback:
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08.24.2021 , 06:07 PM | #4
Tested Concealment and Lethality so far, although I have more experience with Lethality in general. Rotation feels the same, but utility has clearly been gutted. I understand this is the point, but I'm really gonna miss both stealth CC and the optional knockdown on Backstab/Lethal Strike.

So to answer the question at hand, yes this still feels like the Operative. It feels a little barebones, but I could adjust. Some of the new tree options seem interesting, too. Still cautiously optimistic overall.

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08.24.2021 , 06:23 PM | #5
tried to test but pressing the "K" key and going through the menus to access the disciplines screen just had a blank unuasble UI that seemed to be stuck on medicine operative but it was hard to tell since everything was unclickable.

but my big concern is things i've seen people show on twitter with just gutting utility.

i've already left one game (WoW) for just making classes cookie cutter and barebones and i'd be loathe to have to do it again.

i can understand baking in passives into certain abilties (like acid blade into backstab, they used to be separate buttons) but having to choose your hard stun is just a terrible idea

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08.24.2021 , 06:31 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by TheOneWithTwo View Post
the optional knockdown on Backstab/Lethal Strike.
Jarring Strike is still there. It has just been moved to level 80, along with some other stuff that's currently available earlier than that on live.

But I agree with you on the missing Sleep Dart. Its absence is the only major issue I have with this.

LadyAdmiral's Avatar

08.24.2021 , 06:39 PM | #7
  • Really grateful for the new UI. As a "casual" combat player its still a bit confusing because some abilities like Noxious Knives aren't on the tree, had a hard time figuring out why some abilities were on there and others were not (I think the concealment-only one shows up on the tree and anything you make a choice... but I'm not 100% sure) I would love if the "live" version is as easy to swap between choices and specs is as easy as it is now one-click no applying no confirming lol.
  • Is sleep Dart missing on purpose or on accident for stealthy operatives?
  • I don't really like Debilitate (4-second-stun) being a "choice". This is because many true casual story players struggle a lot with the "boss" fights in solo still. Teaching them debilitate (or rather, how to find and use your 4-second stun) is one of the few ways they can get a true tactical advantage without having to actually learn their rotation/ability skills etc.
  • I play concealment in harder solo content like Eternal Championship and casual story for fun operations. The "level 70" choice seems fine for that but really rough for pvp.
  • I got into a pvp match where I had not chosen my stun and i had not chosen my flashbang and it sucked lol. Second match sucked less once I had "picked" them. Both times I felt I died really fast.
  • Yes, I feel like I'm playing my operative. Unlike the Guardian choices especially the "level 70" choice I hated there, I did not mind it as much here.
  • Is there not a "text list" this time on the forums, now that we have a "visual list" in the game? I assumed there would be, so its easier to compare and contrast over rolling over everything. If I have to pick one I'd always pick the visual though LOL.
  • (Sniper) Orbital Strike being a choice is hilarious to me. I love it. Experienced players know to mostly avoid it. Casual story players rejoice because it is an easy choice for them to nuke enemies on Belsavis and they don't care about the other stuff.
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08.24.2021 , 06:42 PM | #8
Does it feel like operative?
Yeah sure. It's missing sleep dart. Toxic Haze seems larger than normal. Stim Boost has a faster cd. Screen bobbles up and down when you use Noxious Knives. Other than that, pretty much the same animations.

Is the ability tree easy to understand?
It's a little basic to be honest. No bells or whistles. The purple highlight is kind of hard to see on some selected abilities. The ability tab needs to be reset or you have to log out/in to get vehicle drop list to appear properly.

I know this is a high level look but nothing really impressed me at all about Operative nor the ability tree.

Side note, If a Republic class story uses Operative will Toxic Haze still have an Imperial symbol?
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08.24.2021 , 07:05 PM | #9
Initial thoughts on the looks (with "how it works practice" to follow) is that it doesn't look too bad. I'll echo the others bemoaning the lack of Sleep Dart. Also, at a glance, the purge being gone from Dodge, and the utility to stick that on Cloaking Screen is gone...that second one, I'll be frank, is a big part of the point of the skill use for me currently in Live. A drop-out isn't exactly a drop-out if I end up dropped immediately back in due to a long term DoT or slow or the like. Getting both of those things is a big part of my sneaky-sneak experience. But heck, I'd settle for one or the other.

Ummm...wait. Overload Shot is gone!? That's an oversight, right? That's got to be an oversight. What am I supposed to use to just clear regular standard enemies in story stuff and the like? And what about healers? Should they just not be attacking, ever, even when solo?

Okay, leaving that aside for now...

The Level 50 choice is also kind of rough, choosing between speed or damage resistance. It'll be doubly frustrating if the Cloaking Screen purge gets added there. The Level 35, 60, and 80 options all feel reasonable balanced against each other. A couple tiers have an easy "miss" but there's at least two in each of those that are appealing without being play-breaking if missed. The Level 20 and 70 splits all feel a little too "easy", though. In both of those, there's one skill that's clearly the more useful pick.

Lethality tree looks good. That's the one I have the most experience with live so the one I feel most suited to judge. The various upgrades to Corrosive Grenade and Corrosive Assault are, again, pretty well balanced against each other at a glance. They do cool things but it doesn't feel like any of them are going to be "the one you should obviously take". Medicine also looks okay. I don't feel qualified to judge Concealment just on looks.

I'll comment more as I play a bit. But the big, big, big one right now is Overload Shot!

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08.24.2021 , 07:34 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Ramell View Post
Jarring Strike is still there. It has just been moved to level 80
Ohh! I didn't even look, lol. Well that's good to know.