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Galactic Seasons - S1 Check In

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Galactic Seasons - S1 Check In
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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06.03.2021 , 10:58 AM | #1 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Hi all,

We wanted to take this opportunity to discuss some of the feedback we have received regarding Galactic Seasons and provide some answers and clarification, insight into our goals and how we addressed some of the issues which have popped up early this Season. This is going to be a large delve, so let’s dive right in!

Season 1 End Date
Our current plan has always been for Season 1 to last 5 months. Given the Season 1 start date of April 27th, that would put the end date for Season 1 in the September time frame, however we acknowledge we never stated the official end point.

Season 1 will end on Tuesday, September 28 at 12:00PM GMT. This information will be available on the Galactic Season screen in an upcoming update.

Galactic Seasons Tokens
We have seen a lot of questions regarding Galactic Seasons Tokens and if they will or will not expire at the end of a Season.

We do not intend to reset these Tokens at the end of any Season. Galactic Season Tokens are meant to be collected and shared from Season to Season. They are a permanent currency for any and all Galactic Seasons now and in the foreseeable future.

Priority Objectives
We have seen a lot of feedback in regards to the Priority Objectives, both in the types and variety of activities they include, the reroll feature, and the potential for sharing them with your friends to make it easier to tackle them together.

More Variety/Refreshes:
While Galactic Seasons will never have the same level of variety as the Conquest system, it is our intention to add more variety into later Seasons, which we believe should address both the desire for more variety as well as more refreshes.

When we looked at Season 1, we considered a few key elements; activity patterns we saw in player week to week Conquest participation, where there was opportunity to increase engagement, ensuring that Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives fell into a certain time-to-complete range, and ensuring that no matter which objective you had it was relevant to what you are able to actually participate in.

By keeping this initial list of Priority Objectives a little more trimmed down and focused, we could ensure that players met all of these key elements. As we move into future Seasons we will be building further upon this foundation.

Linking or Sharing Priority Objectives:
Similar to refreshes, we are looking into how we can solve the core desire in this request. Priority Objectives are built using the same tech we use for Achievements and Conquest Objectives. Unlike Missions, this tech does not inherently contain capabilities for sharing, so there would be a lot to consider in supporting this type of feature. While we will continue to explore what this could look like, we know that it is important for players to be able to participate in Galactic Season Priority Objectives with friends, and that is an aspect we are and will be more deeply exploring solutions for while building out future Seasons.

Jaleit Nall Rotational Vendor
Our Galactic Seasons vendor, Jaleit Nall, is intended to be a rotating vendor similar to Kai Zykken, however with a longer rotating cadence. We have seen the feedback that players had saved up for a very specific item on her inventory which then became unavailable without notice.

To help make this a more predictable schedule, we will be simplifying and unifying the rotating cadence with Game Update 6.3.1 such that all rotations will occur once every week at 12:00AM GMT. This will line up more appropriately with Kai’s current rotation cadence, and we hope will help make her inventory more predictable.

Group A will remain active for 1 week, and then cycle out for 3 weeks. Group A will consist of the following rewards:
  • HK-55 Jetpack
  • Lucky 77 Swoop
  • Makrin Creeper Seedling
  • Model Gravestone
  • Nico Okarr
  • Nico Okarr's Duster
  • Nico's Blaster
  • Propaganda: Fight For The Meatbags Replica
  • Tauntaun Ram
  • Title: The Illustrious

Group B will begin a week after Group A, remain active for 1 week, and then cycle out for 3 weeks. Group B will consist of the following rewards:
  • Eternal Empire Patroller
  • Galactic Alliance Statue Replica
  • Gannifari
  • HK-55's Blaster Pistol
  • Kakkran Daggerstar
  • Model Zakuul Battlecruiser
  • Rapid Recon Walker
  • Shae Vizla
  • Title: Test Pilot
  • Title: The Intrepid

Group C will begin a week after Group B, remain active for 1 week, and then cycle out for 3 weeks. Group C will consist of the following rewards:
  • Grand Statue of Revan Replica
  • HK-55 Helmet
  • HK-55's Sniper Rifle
  • JA-3 Subversive Battle Droid
  • Mini-Mogul NM-1
  • Model Mach 2
  • Paxton Rall
  • Title: Scourge of the Hutts
  • Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun

Group D will begin a week after Group C, remain active for 1 week, and then cycle out for 3 weeks. Group D will consist of the following rewards:
  • Chiss Talon Interceptor
  • Dazh Ranos
  • Heliotropic Subteroth
  • HK-55's Vibrosword
  • JA-3 Speeder
  • K1-W4 Astromech Droid
  • Makeb Gazebo Replica
  • RE-1 Scout Droid
  • Title: The Risen

Important notes:

Jaleit Nall will always be available regardless of the season being active or not. Her inventory will continually cycle through the same rotation as noted in the David's post. Once Group D is done, the rotation will cycle back to Group A.

Ki'at Thavo will have Season 1 items until Season 2 starts, then his Season 1 items will be removed and replaced with Season 2 items.

State of Priority Objectives
We understand and acknowledge that there were initial issues with Priority Objectives, and would like to give some insight into why these issues occurred, and what we have done to address them.

Priority Objectives not tracking:
Players had reported that certain Priority Objectives stopped tracking either under certain conditions, such as the Daily PO: Defeat Capital Enemies, or had been tracking and then suddenly stopped. This was complicated because it was not tied to any one specific process.

Instances where players had Priority Objectives which were tracking and then suddenly stopped tracking was a result of an error in the schedule between Galactic Seasons Weekly schedule and the Conquest Schedule. In this instance, the Galactic Seasons schedule switched over to the next week indicating that new Priority Objectives were available prior to the Conquest schedule switching over. Because Priority Objectives are built using the same tech as our Conquest Objectives, if a player happened to log in during this window of time there was a potential to obtain new Priority Objectives as the system intended. However when the Conquest schedule flipped over 12 hours later, the newly acquired Priority Objectives of those players had then become invalid, thus preventing them from further tracking and advancing.

We have brought these two schedules back in line with each other as we intended, and have made additional development and internal testing improvements to prevent this in the future. Further, we are exploring additional ways to further separate the two systems from each other to help prevent this in future Seasons.

In instances where players had Priority Objectives which were tracking and then seemed to not track or update under other conditions was due to the complexities of our Priority Objectives multiple conditional passes. In these cases, a condition check was preventing characters above certain Levels from progressing Priority Objectives which were already provided as a player’s assigned Priority Objectives. We have resolved this condition check and have made notes for future internal development and testing to ensure that this does not occur moving forward.

Refreshing into completed Priority Objectives:
Refreshing into Objectives which were already completed was due to one of the Priority Objective’s final condition checks failing, allowing progress on Objectives which were not visible or assigned to the player. This is the same tech which allows hidden Achievements to progress and to then display themselves when completed, so we needed to ensure that our fix for this was methodical to prevent a more widespread issue. We have identified the fix and rolled it out to all Priority Objectives, and will continue to cross check this while developing and internally testing all Priority Objectives. In addition, we are looking into ways to further prevent this as we move into Season 2.

Only having one Priority Objective:
This was due to a timing issue with a safeguard we had placed in to prevent players from being assigned previously completed Priority Objectives. In this instance the system was assigning Priority Objectives to the player, however the Conquest system was then resetting those same Priority Objectives leaving players in a bad state and potentially with only 1 Weekly Priority Objective if they had already done that Weekly during the week prior.

We corrected this behavior, and in addition created a form of self-repair in the event this occurs again. This checks if a Legacy has the correct number of Priority Objectives, and if not the system will recognize this and assign the Legacy another valid Priority Objective.

We are examining all of the issues we have had with Priority Objectives with Season 1 and applying that knowledge moving forward. We are seeing where there are additional opportunities to separate out some of the systems, and ways to simplify.

We want to thank you for your continued feedback. We are very actively gathering and using it to refine what Season 2 may look and feel like.

EDIT: Added clarification on vendor availability post Season 1.
David Staats | Systems Designer
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mike_carton's Avatar

06.03.2021 , 12:01 PM | #2
Nice. Appreciate the honesty, and comprehensiveness of the post. Glad to hear that you're fixing the issues soon and - in the case of QoL improvements - considering them for Season 2.

This is an example of several good things: listening to the players, reviewing the concerns internally, and communicating the results of such review at length.

Glad to see this.

And the posting web page tools have started working again as well.
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06.03.2021 , 12:02 PM | #3
Thank you for this. Not sure if you can, or will answer this, But when it comes to the rewards from the vendor, will you be taking ideas/requests from players, as to what previous rewards we'd like to see? There are some rewards I don't have, and aren't in the list for season 1, so I'm curious if we can suggest or ask for certain ones to be added to the next season.
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06.03.2021 , 12:17 PM | #4
How about a couple/three/four toggles so we can opt out of GSF, PVP, and operations?

Or someone who only wants to do PVP can only toggle THAT on.

KnightJediShadow's Avatar

06.03.2021 , 12:26 PM | #5
Please correct me: so once 6.3.1 is released, Group A items will be available for one week, then Group B for one week, etc.

When is 6.3.1 expected to be released (no release date mentioned), although the updated rotation for the classic item vendor eases any further delays.

hillerbees's Avatar

06.03.2021 , 01:08 PM | #6
Thank you for the lenghty gold post - a rarity to see and most welcome.

Can I ask, as a subscriber since launch...aside from the new fleet strongholds and the cartel coins on offer is there anything NEW to be made available through Galactic Seasons or is it really intended for new people who missed out on all or part of the last ten years?

...genuine question, as I am asking myself why I'm taking part in it or do I need to take part in it once the strongholds have been acquired.

Thanks again for your post.

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06.03.2021 , 01:25 PM | #7
Very comprehensive post about it, Mr David. Thank you for the informative textwall and its good to see feedback is going to be taken into consideration in future iterations of galactic seasons.
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DragonSire's Avatar

06.03.2021 , 01:41 PM | #8
"where there was opportunity to increase engagement"

Well if that wasn't clear as day lol. Well at least everyone knows they are not going to change anything until at least Season 2. So PVP and GSF for all those who are still grinding. No acknowledgement of difficulty getting OPS groups or people misbehaving in PVP, or spawn rates changes. No adjustments to credits for Premium players, and no date when next update that will fix companions purchased from event vendor. But at least someone finally posted something.

The only thing good is they will be improving vendor rewards to a more predictable pattern.
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The-Kaitou-Kid's Avatar

06.03.2021 , 01:44 PM | #9
I had a lot more typed up here, but honestly it's just reiterating the point that I'm disappointed in how you guys are handling this system. I'm dismayed to see you kick the can for improvements down the road to the next season considering PTS feedback on this season was completely blown off. This system can and should be much better than it is right now, but I fear with that attitude towards improvements to it, we could be waiting a long time for it to actually get there.
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06.03.2021 , 01:56 PM | #10
TYVM for information on GS (particularly S1 ). I look forward to seeing how this translates into the future of this aspect of SWTOR !

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