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Please enhance Mission Complete dialogs...

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Please enhance Mission Complete dialogs...

Silicon_Dragon's Avatar

11.02.2019 , 10:49 AM | #1
1. Put place the Accept button BEFORE the dynamic content. This puts the button in the same place no matter what the content is in the window. Currently, the button jumps up and down depending on how much content precedes it.

2. Add a new UI checkbox setting: Auto-accept Mission Complete dialogs, default to unchecked. This gives players the option to route Mission Complete notices to the Chat window instead of a popup window that forces a player to click the Accept button. Optimally, there should be 2 more checkbox: 1) Only apply to Crew Skill Missions, and 2) Only apply to Companion missions.

The Accept Button is particularly disruptive when regular mission rewards are withheld because Mission Complete dialogs are pending and typically non-visible. I get it that there's the minuscule "Pending" notice in the top-right corner of the screen, but a single optional UI setting would allow users to bypass all of the hassles associated with popups requiring user-clicks when the user doesn't care to see them at all.

Use case: When a toon is doing missions, Crew Skill Mission Complete notices are unnecessarily disruptive. Only force popups when a user selection is required, e.g. "choose from 1 of the following". Current functionality is especially disruptive when a player is actively playing while companions are working crew skill missions in the background. The key here is "background"; if companions are doing missions in the background, Mission Complete notices should also remain in the background instead of disrupting the player with popups, especially when the popup requires the user to click the Accept button as if there's any other choice, which there isn't. (If the player does not click the Accept button, the popup remains in a queue and prevents non-companion mission completion rewards from being applied. The problem is especially compounded when the tiny flashing "waiting" item in the top-right corner of the screen disallows the player to select WHICH waiting items are in the queue.