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Complete Expansion Idea.

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07.29.2018 , 01:39 PM | #1
Hi all, devs and living creatures.
I have already spend a thread discussing few ideas to developp the game. But it was a lot of messages , bumping into each others, not easy to picture. I've done my homework and present to you the expansion ideao as a whole.
I hope you will enjoy reading it , that I haven't made too many mistakes.
If you think that's a good idea please support by a little message and spreading the word out there.
If you have comments , made them interesting or accurate (don't say "I dont like this idea" because it won't help me neither the readers.
Please note that a lot of things that I explained are ALREADY used in the game , including Weapons masterization and 3rd companion. These ideas doesn't revolutionize the game by adding new system (for which the Dev's probably don't have neither time nor money) but adding some rythme to the game. adding big events on a semester basis. New content every year. That's in my humble opinion what the game need.
So let's all get along here.

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07.29.2018 , 01:47 PM | #2
We return to a conflict between Repu and Empire. Because of the war against Zakel they are weakened and have to rely on alliances with smaller factions that regained their independence during Zakellan rule.

Part 1: Galactic Factions
The player is therefore faced with a double choice by joining a faction. The factions are:
🔸 Hutts Cartel
🔸 Czerka
🔸 Mandalorians
🔹 Republic Army
🔹 Adascorp
🔹 Order of Shasa
🔻 Chiss
🔻 Imperial Army
🔻 Exchange

🔸 neutral factions
🔹 factions linked to the Republic
🔻 factions related to the Empire

The player can join any faction, each faction is independent (except for the two factions of the rep and imperial armies that allow to change sides).

Each faction has a place as headquarters. (Admiral Ship, Palace of Crimes, Headquarters etc).
- Joining the faction leaves you bound to the original faction in the game mechanics.
- a reputation and a seller related to her by faction.
- Faction HQ functions like the Fleet Repu and Empire. Without the sellers just the mission computers, chests, GM etc.

Part 2: Diplomatic War
We are then confronted once a year with an extension.
- new planet.
- 2 groups in conflict on.
- we help one (mission to be made as imperial / repu or as a member of your faction)
- choice of the group to help in an intro mission.
- Yavin IV style quest series (repeatable after)
- 1 Flashpoint for each group. (so 2 Flashpoint)
- 1 Operation to close the scenario.

Part 2b: Local Conflict
In the same spirit. On old planets open new areas (accessible only to players who have completed the "join a faction" mission). The factions that can be joined compete directly (Hutt vs. Mandalorians for example).

Part 3: Situation Blocked
2 weeks vent.
- A faction (joinable one) set up a blockade.
- player must choose (with his faction) whether he helps or fights the blockade
- Republic or Empire comes to oppose the blockade (each time according to the alignment of the faction)
- kuat style missions in 2 modes
History Mode:
1-2 players. Must attack a blockade cruiser and destroy 2 of the cruiser's 4 vital zones.
(Shield Generator / Arming Systems / Engines / Communication) The choice is random (as for Kuat). We end with a 3rd zone which is the bridge where the ship's commander is (boss)
Veteran fashion:
4 players, same principle but the 4 zones are to destroy + the boss.

Part 3b
The situation is the opposite for those who choose to defend the blockade. They will have to defend the ship by defending the vital areas before joining the ship's captain and defeating the boarding team.

Part 4: Galactic history
Creation of small stories in the form of chapters (in Kotfe kotet mode) at the discretion of the writers. Allowing the Story mode to developp , however could be done on annual expansions (Diplomatic War)

Part 5: Weapon Master
Joining his new faction leads to a quest to handle a weapon different from that of the original class.
-> Jedi / sith: all types of weapons to the cac (double sabers etc)
other classes: blaster <-> rifle <-> cannon.
(Blaster <-> impossible)
This adds a line of weapon skills with related experience, which, by going up, allows you to control new ability (related to the weapon) and reaching the Max level to unlock the weapon on the legacy page per player (like HK)

Part 6: Galactic leader
In the same order joining a faction you are assigned a quest (obligatory) allowing you to recruit a 2nd active companion (and evolve to 3 solo as in Kotor1 & 2).
This partner will be different because representing a typical soldier of your faction, with his own experience he can receive skins completely changing his appearance (and his weapon) to be in line with your desires (skins to unlock with a seller with a required leader level + faction reputation)
You will be able to choose his role as for your basic companion.
Its presence is essential in view of the number of enemies of content related to the extension "galactic diplomacy" at the same time a group of 3 is more complicated to manage.
- this partner will not be available in the old areas (only one partner bubble available)

Part 7: Dev's Science ^^
We know with the Force alignement event that the Dev's know how to compute the data of who choose what. And with ranked PVP that they know how to compute scores.
The idea is to make the results known at the end of events. (even for the annual Expansion) , one camp or the other victories defining if the Event is won by one party or the other. So WE as players wrote the Story of the Game.
The Dev's still can developp their own story but the ultimate galactic balance will be forged by the players.
For those who ask what happen if Empire won everything during two year , will the won the War ? Well since the dev's will choose who attack and who defend, plus the number of factions. A clear victor won't be designed by this system, only a tendency.

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07.31.2018 , 01:14 PM | #3
This is quite interesting. It does make me wonder if players would be able to solo flashpoints because of the added companion and things may be altered because of it. Or not. This post intrigues me.
Captain DeCicco Ehne
Founding Council Member of Disciples of Sith

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08.01.2018 , 03:10 PM | #4
Well , I'm defending the ability for single player to do flasphoints. A story mod. And not having to deal with the CSI droid is a better way (more challenge)to do it. For older Flasphoint it's previous content so the 2nd companion won't be available.

Again nothing new to the dev's they already have all that kind of stuff in place.

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08.05.2018 , 11:23 AM | #5
While discuting with a friend of mine we thought about a possibility that this expansion will in fact be kind of a SWTOR2.
So , why not adding a new start at level 50 or 60.
Character at this level are starting directly after the Nathema events and develop for the first months after.
Starting already at level 50/60 the character won't be able to do any of the previous content.
He will be ask to choose a faction (cf Galactic Faction) as either an emissary or an transfer (the same way as your level 70 character in fact)
So as far as this SWTOR2 thing is concerned, there won't be much class story like from level 1-50 so adding a new class could be a true possibility.

I present to you : The "Faction required" Officer (Empire / Republic)
Is a special class , exactly identical for both main sides.
Wearing a Blaster and a vibrosword the class is more of a Support option.
Like the Captain on Lotro (for those who know) he will be able (depending of his choice) to be a Healer , a DPS or a tank while buffing in the three situations.
Depending of your choice he will be fighting mid distance or close distance. A mix of sword attacks and blaster shots.
As a Healer he will mainly use his blaster and will boost team moral and heal them on time.
As a dps he will be able to boost friends attacks , reducing ennemy defense and all. While dealing himself a mix of shots and slash.
As a tank he will be mainly fighting with his vibrosword while adding defence to the team and buffing them to be more resilient.
He will wear an Heavy armour.
This class would add a cool new style of fighter to the game and fit the new expansion perfectly.

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08.08.2018 , 07:57 AM | #6
I figured that the Original game (the story going into Ilum) is Swtor 1 , that KoTFE et KotET are SWTOR 2 so it would be logical to called that expansion SWTOR 3.

We already stated that to add a new class it should be at level 50 already and not be able to do previous stories. While in fact it could be well possible to start with main classes at level 50 also , doing the same intro as the Officer.

Our character start with a different background than the class starting at level 1.
For jedi & Sith it will be the same but they won't be the "Hero of Tython".
Agent => Imperial Trooper
Bounty Hunter => Scouts
Soldier => Will be a regular Republic Trooper
Smuggler => Scout.

All of the being sent to a starting planet. Let's say Onderon. Where both Republic and Empire have meet in battle , both in space and on the surface.
You'll have to do a Planet story quest and many quest (the same way as when you start level 60 on Marr's ship) about as big as the Level 1 starting planet. Both Republic and Empire will fight trough this series of quest then will have to retreat due to a lack of strength. Considering they can't wage war like old times for now they'll look to new allies (and be back with the expansion of itself).
You'll play the same way as the expansion , being backed up with 2 companions , one of them dying (which one dies depend on you) will make a reason for you to leave your faction for real (as explained in the main expansion post).
So you'll have to deal with only one companion at the start then expand to a lot with the diplomatic war (about one companion unlockable each time you help a side on new planets.)

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08.08.2018 , 07:22 PM | #7
Outstanding suggestion, I love the Galactic Leader one the most because I always wanted to use a 2nd companion in a Solo Flashpoint. The solo droid is getting super old now.
Click on this link for free stuff:

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08.09.2018 , 06:46 PM | #8
Thanks ! Could be very interesting to manage a 3player group in this new content
Hope more people will like !

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08.24.2018 , 03:29 AM | #9
(Back from vacations )
I've the idea to add, the possibility of purchasing Ships.
Everybody after this 1 year break, would be without ship. Former player and new ones.
The Players from KotFE and KotET would have lost their former ship during the Odessen battle (vs Vaylin) and since we only see our character flying a Zakuul ship...
New players (created level 60 and entering the story after Zakuul) simply doesn't have one.
So there could be a vendor , that could allow you to purchase ships. They would work as a Flagship (no Conquest abilities for obvious reasons) and have the same system as a Fortress , you'll have to unlock new quarters onboard and decorate as you like. Differents size of ships could be on sale. All smaller than the one on the Rishi Fortress. (Smaller room, no PVP arena etc).
I think that many of us would like to have their very personal ship and decorate it at will.

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08.26.2018 , 04:45 AM | #10
Galactic officer counterpart.
I have presented to you the Galactic Officer. Now his counterpart for force user.

The Force fighter (jedi / sith depending your side).
Works like the Galactic Officer, will have the ability to Heal , DPS or Tank depending on you choice.
You'll have the ability to switch lightsaber style. (One handed , two Lightsaber or 2 handed)
The common attacks will be a mix of saber attacks and force powers.
As a jedi on the field the character will have an impact on either allies or ennemies (much like the Officer).
He will be able to tank as a guardian if he choose to. Being a mix of sentinel and guardian (still have the force powers).
As a DPS he will be a very good mix of Force Powers and saber attacks.
As a Heal he will be able to heal from close distance or long distance and able to choose of either he will Heal and fight or just Heal.

This class is trying to be an "all -around" jedi. More versatile. Boosting regular troopers and all.

Storywise we have already explain that the Officer will be enlisted in the republic/Empire army and be on Onderon for the War (New common Starting Planet for character starting level 60). This class will have the same story , as a Jedi/sith fighter you'll help your side during the War on Onderon. I'll explain the War on Onderon story on another post.