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[REQUEST] Manual Patch Links Please!!

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[REQUEST] Manual Patch Links Please!!

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12.27.2011 , 12:54 PM | #1
I have never been able to get the launcher to properly update or install SWTOR, downloads always end up corrupt on my main gaming rig, with that said I downloaded the game and patched it on my other computer and then moved the completed game over to my main rig.
The problem is now that we have this new patch its failing on my gaming computer and I would just like to get a direct URL to the patch so I can download it on my other computer and move it over to this one.

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12.27.2011 , 12:57 PM | #2
Same here.

Launcher never worked on computer A so I downloaded game on computer B. Don't want to transfer 19 gigs again, just give me manual patch link.

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12.27.2011 , 12:58 PM | #3
The patch should be in place already since it is so small. 8mb.

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12.27.2011 , 01:02 PM | #4
I just tried patching on this comptuer the clients giveing me the same bs errors that I got when initially trying to install the game, went over to my other computer patched it and its working fine, problem is its gonna take two hours to transfer that 20 gigs over to this computer to play again.
A URL to the patch shouldnt be that hard to get.

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12.27.2011 , 01:06 PM | #5
Assuming the client has some issues with the new AMD3+ motherboard controllers or possible memory, as soon as it tries to write anything to the hard drive the files end up corrupted- even if its only 8mb

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12.27.2011 , 01:16 PM | #6
"One of the reasons the launcher keeps downloading files over and over and only occasionally succeeds is because the servers that provide us files are producing different files when we download from it. That should never be the case pointing to a problem with BW's web servers. The launcher knowsthat a file isn't what it should be in the same way that we do in this guide and when it detects a problem it redownloads the entire asset set. Some of the sets very large, but the actual downloads are relatively smaller. The launcher deletes perfectly good files in the batch when one is corrupt.
The below process is a manual process that will considerably reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to install the game, but you may need to download some files multiple times as the problem is outside of your control.

1) Install the launcher normally. Change its properties so it is always run as admin. Let it install the initial videos assets. This has seemed to work for everyone so far.

2) Once the videos have finished downloading and installing you are on the main assets 1. Stop the launcher at this point.

3) Delete the Assets directory and any asset_* directories you have within the star wars install directory. The reason is that some of the files
in here are likely corrupt already, we'll be getting nice new ones in a minute.
4) You need to download the following files in your web browser. You can use a download manager if you have one. Store them in a folder away from the game

Code:***...main_-1to0.z01***...main_-1to0.z02***...main_-1to0.z03***...main_-1to0.z04***...main_-1to0.z05***...main_-1to0.z06***...main_-1to0.z07***...main_-1to0.z08******...-1to0.solidpkg***...main_0to16.z01******...0to16.solidpkg***...n_us_-1to0.z01***...n_us_-1to0.z02***...n_us_-1to0.z03***...n_us_-1to0.z04******...-1to0.solidpkg***...n_us_0to16.z01******...to16.solidpkg5) You need to download the software from It is free and its going to tell you which files are corrupted.
6) Run WinMD5 and for each of the files you have downloaded drag the file to WinMD5. The software will run for awhile and then
it will show you some letters and numbers in the "Current file MD5 checksum value" textbox. Compare that to the following list:

assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z01 02e702f0ec347b76b5f032b827424cee
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z02 8ef9d7d77be7d75afc52fcfec6385d98
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z03 6fadc1057603d83b1c2c6cc42ba2ba46
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z04 24458d1c6424f741353edee85df979b4
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z05 1d35bb6547b8cc4ea0cf3f98290896ff
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z06 29520666090c27d2afd1acf3cc3044e7
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z07 6adfd9801848f425dcde231f40fe31c9
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z08 cb2ce5fd3a5575c2920bddbde15ab774 70ff5672d030f5c1b0f46a2a968d301d
assets_swtor_main_-1to0.solidpkg da6c1b8ed1fbef2d0b235a26ac21a417

assets_swtor_main_0to16.z01 aefb0e245ea26f22959086f08502648b dc7452f0ec61786dab6277ccaa1c7fe3
assets_swtor_main_0to16.solidpkg 6dc82593847d6028667493cc8bb7f750

assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z01 dadd4343cf14846d7c22ed7f3a3e3d0b
assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z02 4e1b1826590581d682317f5e4bcddba6
assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z03 ead6a66127ef2713c9189d919405b553
assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z04 373a5c41c2f4e6871da218fb5ab7d60c 7969d92dcd7044754073c26ae3a4c0d2
assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.solidpkg 8d423e540f6768a50a7077119829262f

assets_swtor_en_us_0to16.z01 833a6f4efd7c77250a684b75f7b6d8f4 022b20d028b70278a3b8462bb5a32770
assets_swtor_en_us_0to16.solidpkg 5657bd7beb52f05e9c51dd92ce55df2bTake a note of any files that have different numbers than above. The difference tells you that the file was corrupted in some way. Its quite clever but we developers use checksums like this all the time to ensure everything copied smoothly. Keep repeatedly downloading any corrupt files until all of them have precisely the same MD5 checksum reported in the above list.

7) Make the following 4 directories in the star wars the old republic directory and copy the list of files into each:

- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z01
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z02
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z03
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z04
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z05
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z06
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z07
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.z08
- assets_swtor_main_-1to0.solidpkg

- assets_swtor_main_0to16.z01
- assets_swtor_main_0to16.solidpkg

- assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z01
- assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z02
- assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z03
- assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.z04
- assets_swtor_en_us_-1to0.solidpkg

- assets_swtor_en_us_0to16.z01
- assets_swtor_en_us_0to16.solidpkg8) Run the launcher. It will now quickly process the main assets 1, english assets 1, main assets 17 and english assets 17 without the problem you saw before. There is a final download after this for the game client, its so small (4MB)) it shouldn't be a problem but if it is you can hit repair. If repair starts downloading from earlier in the process quit it, and do the whole thing again, but you wont need to download the files again so you can happily try again within minutes. We have no reported problems with the game client asset so far.

Alas it seems the installer might also be buggy. I am certain this resolves the download portion of the problem, and I am looking into the format used for the files to see if we can manually unzip them somehow. "

This is how I initially got the game to work, just need a link for the latest patch....