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SWTOR Republic/Empire Icon(Logo)

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SWTOR Republic/Empire Icon(Logo)

NitramVonagard's Avatar

09.22.2016 , 12:08 PM | #1
I've been looking for a high-res version of the icon/logo which has the republic and empire side by side. So far I've found one which is 1000x1000 but if it is out there somewhere, I would like to get my hands on a 2000x2000 if possible. I'm trying to get a laser engraving project completed and the logo would be going on the side panel of my desktop. I know there's a roughly 2000x2000 color version in the fan site kit but a straight up black/white is what I'm after. Any help would be appreciated!

P.S. this is what the logo looks like in case people are confused by my description of it...

LadyAdmiral's Avatar

09.23.2016 , 11:14 AM | #2
In the past I've found Republic and Empire



Even Revanchist

But I've not come across a version for pub/sith combo. Looks like someone with access to a vector program could make one combining the two pub/sith ones pretty easily though
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SteveTheCynic's Avatar

09.26.2016 , 02:27 AM | #3
The image editor of your choice should be able to reduce the colours in the fan site kit file to black and white without too much trouble.
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