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Operations for Photosensitive and Epileptic Players

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Operations for Photosensitive and Epileptic Players

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02.26.2013 , 11:09 AM | #1
Update: Please direct further posts to Ollic's much more informative thread here.

Both Terror from Beyond (TfB) and the new operation Scum and Villainy (SaV) include boss fights with significant flashing that makes them unsafe for photosensitive and epileptic players. I realize this is a limited population, but it actually has a significant impact on my guild due to key players who cannot participate in these operations. I expect others may be in the same situation.

Is there any possibility of enabling a setting that can photosensitive and epileptic players, possibly by disabling flash effects or rendering them differently? If not, is it possible to at least release the new SaV operation without such problematic flash effects? It was a big blow to be unable to participate in TfB due to the flashing in the fight against Operator IX. It's terribly disappointing to be excluded from SaV due to flashing in the fight against Dread Master Styrak.

I realize that not every constituency of a gaming audience can be accommodated, but I wanted to put this suggestion out for feedback since it seems like there may be common sense solutions that would not negatively impact the game or other players.

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02.26.2013 , 12:07 PM | #2
Thanks for posting this. I am one of the two players he is speaking about. I put up a post, as well. Please read it to learn our story:
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