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The Man in the Box

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01.14.2013 , 09:44 PM | #1
This came out of a what if session after I hit the end of Felix Iresso's companion quests on my sage. Purely speculative, of course, and likely to be overturned by whatever the writers have in store for the game story, but ah well. This story is predicated on Iresso's companion quests, so will have obvious and explicit spoilers for those. Where there are spoilers for the rest of the JC storyline, I will mark them.
Hope you enjoy!

Edit: Summary of Iresso's companion quests for those who haven't done them/need a refresher:
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Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box

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01.14.2013 , 09:47 PM | #2

"I was thinking," Felix said as he shifted the crates in the supply room while his fiance searched for the ancient lightsaber she'd reconstructed on Tython.

"About what?" Jese asked absently, digging through another crate.

"After we drop off Nadia on Tython, we should take a vacation. Just the two of us."

She looked over at him with a smile, "That would be nice, where were you thinking?"

Iresso grinned, walking over to pull her slight frame to him. "Anywhere I can get you to myself."

Jese giggled at the twinkle in his dark brown eyes and reached up on tiptoes to kiss him. He gathered her up tightly, kissing her till she was breathless.

"Then what?" she grinned.

"You know me, I always have a plan." He winked at her as he stepped away. She laughed and went back to her crate.

A sharp pinch to her bottom made her shriek and whirl, frowning. That had hurt. Felix's eyes were gleaming, but not in good humor. There was a cruel look to his face: a slight curl to his lips, a dark cast to his eyes. Then he shook his head and looked at her questioningly, the odd look in his eyes gone. "What?"

"What was that about?" she demanded.

He shrugged, "Didn't mean to upset you. Are you okay?"

"Yeah," she said, frowning as she looked at him, "are you?"

"Sure," he said, lifting another crate, "let's get this done. I'm starving."

Jese watched him for another moment in concern before returning to her search, but her mind was not on the beautiful blade she was looking for.


She woke to the familiar feel of a warm hand on her stomach. The dark brown of Felix's skin contrasted beautifully against the rich green of her own. Jese sleepily rolled over to face him and then pulled back quickly. The cruel look was back in his eyes as he looked over her: a dark lust instead of the good-natured satisfaction he generally wore.

"Hello, little Jedi," he said, but it was not Felix's voice, not quite. The intonation was wrong, the accent...Imperial. Jese leapt from the bed, grabbing a robe.

"Felix?" she asked in horror.

He tilted his head to the side, devouring her with his eyes as she struggled into the robe. "My name is Tothav."
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box

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01.14.2013 , 11:49 PM | #3
O_O Uh oh.
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01.15.2013 , 12:09 AM | #4
oh YAY.... I know exactly what triggered this and I am excited to see more
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01.15.2013 , 10:44 AM | #5

For a brief moment, Jese felt her mind run rampant, all the training she'd done for so long washed away in disbelief as this dark creature looked out of the eyes of the man she loved. Then she took a breath and felt her heart settle, her breathing even, her thoughts focus. The bright Light side of the Force rose inside her, its constant flow calming her, giving her thoughts clarity.

"What have you done with Felix?"

"Felix..." he rolled the word around in his mouth, testing it, "ah yes, the pathetic creature this body once belonged to."

Jese's soft purple eyes crystallized. "What are you?"

"I am Darth Tothav, destroyer of worlds, knower of secrets," he hissed, standing up, "and you shall bow to me!" He lifted his hands as if to shoot lightning at her. Jese formed a shield as quick as thought between them, but the lightning never came. Tothav snarled and reached out again without result. Jese lifted a hand and pinned the body of her fiance to the bed.

"This cannot be," he howled, struggling in vain.

"Let me ask you again," Jese said in a cold, clear voice, "what are you?"

The hatred in Felix's brown eyes was hard to see, but she focused on what was needed. The dark creature in her beloved raged, but she held firm. "I am Sith," he spat, "and I swear you will regret this!"

She concentrated on the ebb and flow of the Force. It was the same as always. No Dark side blot marking the presence of a Sith. "Your lack of Force sensitivity indicates not."

He glared at her.

"Is it the holocron? Is that where you came from?" she demanded.

For a moment he looked confused. "I...of course not! I speak out of a man's mouth with a man's body at my command. I am no pitiful holocron-stored shadow!"

Jese thought quickly. The holocrons often had a personality, an interface to converse with. Sometimes they'd even been created for the express purpose of recording the teachings of one specific person. But they were not alive, no matter their imitation of life. Of course, they were not downloaded into a person's mind either.

"I know Felix is in there," she said calmly to Tothav, "I want him back. Felix, if you can hear me, you need to fight. He isn't a spirit; he's nothing but a recording. Just data, nothing but data and a bad attitude."

"You can't have him," the creature snarled, "I will live, I will rule, I...arrrgh!"

Jese reached out with the Force, searching for the familiar spirit of her lover. "Felix, you stubborn man, you can do this," she whispered.

The man on the bed heaved and panted and finally looked up at her with a clear expression. She lifted her power, allowing him to move, and ran to him. "Are you okay?" she asked, holding him.

Felix gathered her up in his arms, his chest still heaving. "What was that?"

"I think we just met what that Darth put in your head."
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Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box

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01.16.2013 , 05:42 PM | #6

"The holocron?" Felix said, putting a hand to his head, "Man, I thought it was bad when it was just a library. You're telling me there's a Sith Lord in my head?"

Jese sat next to him, holding one of his much larger hands with both of hers, rubbing her thumb back and forth across his skin. "I don't know for sure," she said, "I've never seen anything like that." She peered up at him. "I'd like to try to see what's going on in your head, but I'm worried that I'll damage you or let him back out. Can you...can you feel him?"

Felix was silent for a moment. "You know that feeling when there's a thought that you can almost grasp, but stays right out of your reach? That's what my head feels like. It's really annoying." He frowned and then looked at her. "Do it. Check out what's going on. I don't want some Sith controlling my mind. He could hurt you. I won't have it."

"Felix, I could hurt you."

"Jese..." he said warningly.

She sighed at his mulish expression. Stars help them all when the man set his will at something. Mountains were easier to move.

Jese closed her eyes, drawing on the deep well of Force that dwelled inside her. She reached out towards Felix, carefully examining his body for injuries and disease, then his mind. He was healthy, as far as her medical and Jedi training could tell. His mind was healthy, but it was not normal. It teemed with activity. She poked and prodded at the Force, but it remained the same as it always had been. Felix was still very much a Force-blind. No sign of another spirit, extra power, or anything else, just a mind that was lit up like Coruscant at night.

"I think it's just the holocron, just the data," she finally said, retreating from her exploration.

"Just?" he asked with raised eyebrows.

"Well the other option was that a Sith lord had transfered his essence to you, but if that was the case there would be some sign of it in the Force, I think. Plus, you know, he'd have been shooting lightning out of your fingers."

He sighed. "This just keeps getting better and better. How did this happen?"

She shook her head, "I don't know. Your mind is very active, much more than a normal person."

"That's just me making plans," he joked with a strained smile.

She smiled a tight little smile back at him. "No one had ever transcribed a holocron into a person's mind before Ouzel, that I know of," she said, "We did all that searching after we found out what that doctor had done to you, but there was nothing. There's no telling what it did. Perhaps the knowledge grew more deeply into your brain, allowed this...Tothav personality to take over."

"Makes sense to me, but you're the researcher. So, not a real Sith, just an AI who thinks it's a Sith and can take control of my body. Greeeat."

She stood and walked to the statue in their room, looking up at the serene features. "I just don't get why he'd activate now," she muttered, mulling over what had happened.

"I am not just data," a Imperial voice whispered behind her. She whirled around. The Sith was back; she could see it in the intense anger that twisted his face. "I am NOT!"

Jese pulled her petite frame up straight. "Yes. You are."

Tothav stalked up to her, crowding her into the statue. Jese held her ground, ready to freeze him if necessary. "I am Darth Tothav. It was I who razed the cities of Whi-an and Ghrath'h, who slaughtered the armies of Ulba, who found the forge where J'shodth the Firebringer was made! I remember!" His voice faltered slightly. "I remember all of it, the cries of the men crushed under Xaroc's stone, the taste of blood sprayed into the air, the intoxicating scent of fear. I am Sith!" he roared at her in desperate denial.

"Then where is your lightning?" Jese shot back at him, "You can't feel the Force, can't use it. You are not Sith."

He screamed in rage and struck her faster than she had anticipated. And then Jese's world went black.
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Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box

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01.17.2013 , 04:13 PM | #7

"Well that wasn't well done of me," Jese groaned as she slowly got up, rubbing her head. She could hear sounds in the next room: muttering and swearing and occasionally the sound of something breaking.

"Everything okay?" Zenith asked, leaning out from the conference room across the hall as she emerged from her room.

"Not really," she said with a tight smile.

"Need help?"

"No, I can handle him."

"Your call," he said with a raised eyebrow, "never seen the lieutenant go off like that."

"It's been a rough day," she said. Zenith shrugged and went back to his correspondence.

Jese peeked into the holotransmiter room.

"Can't be," Tothav whispered, his tone near panic as he flipped through the screens of one of the consoles. He turned around and reached a hand toward one of the statues on the side table and strained, but nothing moved. "It's gone!" He slammed Felix's powerful hands down on the surface. "No!"

Jese lifted him with the Force, taking no chances this time.

"Let me go, Jedi! You who have never known the rush of true power! I am ruined!" He raged and spat and swore.

"Let Felix through," she said calmly although her heart raced.

"Or what?" he laughed, his anger making a mockery of the sound, "Perhaps I should just remain in charge. You would like that, wouldn't you, little Jedi?" His eyes crawled over her body, his gaze like a weapon.

"You can't," she said simply.

"Don't insult me," he growled.

"You can't," she continued, "because Felix's mind is what gives structure to that space you two share. You may be able to take over from time to time, but he will always be stronger. Always. Besides, he's more stubborn than anyone I have ever met."

"A pathetic Force-blind? Stronger than me? I am Darth Tothav. I have destroyed worlds!"

She smiled a mean little smile. "Not any longer. Now you're just a recording that was left behind and downloaded into my fiance's mind. You have no connection to the Force, no powers, and no future unless..."

The sour look did not look good on Felix's features. "Unless what?" he spat out.

"We call a truce. You agree to allow Felix through, and we find some way to sort this out."

"Hah! You mean to destroy me, to obliterate me from existence!"

She examined the man hanging in midair. She wanted Felix back. This echo of ancient Sith was just wrong.

"If you don't agree, we will certainly find a way. Sure destruction or the possibility of existence."

The disgust on his face twisted his face into the antithesis of good cheer and determination that was Felix.

"Fine," he spat. His face froze for a second and then the muscles relaxed, adjusted, becoming familiar. Jese let out a huge breath and lowered Felix to the ground.

The soldier shook his head, as if to clear it. "Well that was different."
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box

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01.17.2013 , 04:49 PM | #8
Hm, curious I'm liking this, even if I have never met the characters involved.


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01.17.2013 , 04:59 PM | #9
This gave me a happy.
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01.17.2013 , 05:18 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Tatile View Post
Hm, curious I'm liking this, even if I have never met the characters involved.

Iresso's companion questline is, to be frank, weird.

The backstory from the game (which I should probably put in the opening post now that I think about it, lol) is that Felix had been captured by Imperials before you meet him and, although he's missing the memory of it, apparently an Imperial doctor somehow (they never really say how) transcribed a Sith holocron into his head at the direction of a Darth Ouzel who was an expert in holocrons. (They also put one in his buddy's head, which made the poor sucker crazy.)

The holocron in question had been lent to Ouzel by the Dark Council for translation, but Ouzel decided to keep a copy for himself (probably secretly, but they don't actually say that to my knowledge). Then Iresso escaped (they don't say how) without any knowledge of what they had done to him. They had Jedi healers take a look at him, but at the time could find nothing wrong. During his questline, he finds his old buddy who had gone crazy, tracks down the doctor, and she tells him what happened.

So it got me thinking...

Quote: Originally Posted by irishfino View Post
This gave me a happy.

Thanks for reading, peoples! Hope you are enjoying!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Fan Fiction: My Name is Solomon Crae The Man in the Box