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09.21.2012 , 03:45 PM | #1
Hello everyone. I'm AlyxDinas. Back on Lord Adraas, I ran a player bounty board which offered missions for IC open world PvP and even PvE. The original idea came from my friend Darth_Slaine, an Ebon Hawk player. He ran his own board as well for a time. With his permission, I've been allowed to continue the process. All participation is optional but it can lead to some really interested and suspenseful RP. I monitor the board close, keep it updated often, and generally do my best to provide a fun little "game" for people to participate in.

The system and it's rules seem daunting but they're not too difficult in practice. I will do my best to keep things updated here and on the various Ebon Hawk community forums.

Mirror bounty boards can be found at:

How does it work?

At this stage we are only taking bounties placed by players on their own characters. Once a target has volunteered they will be fair game for any hunters to find in-game. When the paths of hunter and prey cross, that is where it gets fun.

How do I post a bounty?

Keep in mind you will be placing a price on the head of one of your own characters. When you are sure you wish to participate, please post with the following information:

Name: (Please clearly mark the in-game name separately from any titles or pseudonyms)
Faction: Empire/Republic
Profession: "IC Profession" (OOC class)
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty/Tracking/Escort/Delivery
Reward offered: (in real credits)
Reason for Bounty: (Optional -- keep it short and interesting if you would like to use it)

How does someone collect a bounty?

Below is the traditional meathod for "traditional bounty" missions as outlined by Darth_Slaine:
  • They find you and kill you. Any player of any level may decide to take up the hunt and come after you. How they find you in-game is their own business. Once they have you in their sights they will make contact, probably by /whisper but potentially by /duel.

    Now this is where the rules are most important so please read carefully...

    As you volunteered to put a price on your character's head you may not refuse combat with a hunter.

    The default method for settling the fight is /duel. All participants must be willing to /duel if their opponent so desires. If both parties would prefer an RP fight, that is perfectly acceptable -- as long as, and I stress, both parties agree. However, hunters should be careful. If you're flagged for PvP and the mark gets the drop on you, they're in the clear. Likewise, a hunter may get the drop on a flagged target in the open world.

    Does this system favor geared 50s? Yes. They are the best hunters for a reason -- and no one going into this should expect anything but a nagging suspicion that someone might jump out and try to waylay them at any time.
    If your character is level 7 but you RP that he has the skills of a level 50 then you must RP that he has also been successful at hunting... because this system will not help him.

    This does not mean lower level characters cannot play. In fact, part of the fun is never staying in one place long enough for people to find you. It is about excitement, not winning.

    If you want to RP as a hardcase wanted in nine systems... well, this is the way to do it.

    Of course, PVP options are also acceptable for cross-faction or Huttball kills. This might change in the future.

    When you have killed your prey... Or killed the hunter, you must take a screenshot of the defeated adversary and post it to this thread for recognition. Defeated hunters must wait 24 hours before they are allowed to hunt again. This is the only penalty incurred on a defeated hunter. Defeated marks must pay the credit reward to successful hunters.

    Note that the use of companion characters is not allowed unless agreed upon between parties.

Below is the method for completing tracking missions created by AlyxDinas:
  • Tracking missions allow the bounty to potentially turn the tables on their hunters. In a tracking mission, the hunter declares their intentions to track the target publicly in this thread before they take on the bounty assignment. Additionally, they are to send their mark an OOC email informing them of their intention to hunt. The goal is to take a screenshot of the mark at three different locations. However, if the target notices you tracking them, they are allowed to initiate the /duel in order to escape from the hunter.

    If they manage to kill the hunter and post a picture of the kill here, the process starts over after a 24 hour wait by the hunter, after which the hunter may try to record his three sightings once again. Seeing as these missions are more time consuming as difficult, the associated credit rewards are encouraged to be proportionate to the difficulty.

    Note: "Locations" refers to distinct zones on the map. Not entire planets. If you want to track your target around Ord Mantell from Fort Garnik to Mannet Point to the Drelliad Village, that is just as acceptable as tailing them from Coruscant to Nar Shaddaa to Corellia.

Below is the method for completing Delivery missions created by AlyxDinas:
  • This is, functionally, a very easy mission type with the goal of getting two players to meet (and hopefully establish an RP connection). The process is quite simple: One player posts the Delivery Mission and outlines the item they are looking for (ideally something along the lines of, say, an illegal medicine crate or another grey item and not an exorbitant item like a magenta lightsaber crystal). Another player takes it upon themselves to acquire the item and deliver it to them. The two player meet, RP, the item is exchanged, and a small fee is rendered for the service. A small post is then made in the thread informing us of a successful delivery. Ideally, the RP leads to future interaction between the players.

    Outline the contract in the following manner:

    Player Name:
    Mission Type: Delivery
    Desired Good(s):
    Reward offered:
    Reason for Contract:

    Potential RP hooks for these can include any from a Sith discreetly seeking ancient treasures to a member of the Republic military posting an off the records weapons deal to an eccentric collector looking for the next piece in their collection. Additionally, these missions are perfectly suited for smuggler characters who want to do a little RP'd smuggling!

Below is the method for completing Escort missions created by AlyxDinas:
  • These missions are meant to encourage longer RP sessions than Delivery Missions and will be a little more involved. In an Escort Mission, a player posts a mercenary contract in which they seek help accomplishing a specific goal. This can be anything from help with a certain quest to gathering resources in the field or any number of appropriate tasks. The two players would meet up and embark on an RP'd adventure, ideally building a lasting contact in the process. When the job is completed, they post here in the thread.

    Outline the contract in the following manner:

    Player Name:
    Mission Type:
    Task: ((This is where you post the OOC task ie "Completion of Heroic +2 quest "Darkness on Ilum"))
    Reward offered:
    Reason for Contract:
    ((This is where you post the IC information ie "Corellian Transports and Exports employee Jeos Dinas seeks additional aid while protecting company assets on the planet Ilum from the Sith."))

    Potential RP hooks for these missions could include a Jedi archeologist seeking additional help exploring an ancient tomb to a scientist wanting to study the legendary Sarlacc and much, much more! These missions should encourage extended interaction and IC questing, hopefully opening up players to the larger community and even creating potential plot hooks for future adventures!

Are these bounties real?

Yes. If you say your death is worth 500 credits, be prepared to pay 500 credits if defeated -- so don't go posting bounties you can't afford! If cost is a concern, don't don't post a massive bounty on your head.

Can you give an example of how a traditional bounty might go down?

Example: Slaine has a 38 credit bounty on his head. Hlemmur sees him on Hutta and decides to cash in. Hlemmur whispers Slaine to suggest RP combat but Slaine insists on a /duel. The two fight. Hlemmur wins. Slaine pays Hlemmur 35 credits. Hlemmur posts a screenshot of the defeated Slaine to one of the bounty board threads.

What if I decide not to pay?
Non-payment is frowned upon by the Syndicate. Anyone who does not pay will be banned from the bounty ring permanently. Likewise, those who attempt to post false information will also be banned.

Do I really die?
No. Unless you want it, this is NOT a perma-death situation. You can decide how your character got away after the bounty is cashed.

Can I post a non-violent bounty?
Yes. You can ask that something be stolen from your character or that they be intimidated -- something like that... as long as there is a way to decide if the hunter is successful. If you wish to try something like this, make sure you explain exactly what is required in the bounty notes if it is beyond trial-by-combat.

Why would I go out of my way to offer money to have my character beaten up?
To prove you're tough? To show that the hype you've created for your character is justified? To show people you are dangerous?

Or, to have some fun, spontaneous RP.

Why not just PVP?
Why not do both?

This system places lower level characters at an unfair disadvantage!
Yes. You must either level them or acknowledge that other players will be more powerful than they are. But, to make it seem fair I will put one of my own low-level characters on the Bounty List.

The rules are subject to change and the creation of new mission types and challenges are encouraged. Just be sure to post the details of your concept here for finalization first.

The following post after this will be used for the outlining of additional rules.
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Manager, The Ebon Hawk Bounty Board
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09.21.2012 , 03:46 PM | #2
~Additional Rules and Mechanics~

"Known Associates"
  • Those posting to the bounty board may choose to list known associates to their bounty information. These individuals can serve as extra protection against hunters. If the bounty is in the company of a known associate when the hunter encounters them, these individuals must be defeated first before the hunter/hunters are allowed to attack their target. Known associates must be defeated first and hunters may not heal between matches unless the bounty mark allows for it. In a case where a bounty hunter is flagged for PvP, the mark and associate are permitted to attack simultaneously.

    Only associates named in the contract may help to defend the bounty and must stand aside once defeated. A bounty may only list two known associates.

"Joint Contracts"
  • Similar to the known associate mechanic for bounty bearers, this mechanic allows hunters to declare the formation of a partnership as they seek a single target. This must be one in this thread. In order for the target to escape, they must defeat both of these bounty hunters and may not heal between matches unless the hunters allow for it. If a hunter is defeated, they may not aid their fellow hunter in the continued fight. If the hunters manage to collect the bounty, they split the reward. In a case where a bounty mark is flagged for PvP, the hunters are permitted to attack simultaneously.

    Contracts can only be shared between two hunters. Groups in excess of this number will not be granted a joint contract.

Please note: Known associates and hunters who do not follow the rules will also be banned from further participation in the Bounty Board.

"Bonus Conditions"
  • If an individual posting a bounty so chooses, they can also post additional parameters for a bonus condition and additional reward. In general, it is encouraged that these bonus conditions foster additional roleplay and interaction. It can be anything from convincing the bounty to come without resorting to violence to seducing the target to grouping with them during a tracking mission without them recognizing you as a hunter. If you offer a bonus condition, please use the following format:

    Name: Captain Maika'ilen
    Mission type: Traditional Bounty (Capture)
    Reward offered: 25,000
    Bonus offered: 5,000
    Bonus condition: Bonus will be granted if the hunter manages convince the target to leave without violence.

Please note: In cases where completion of the bonus also manages to fulfill completion of the main mission bonus payments stack with the reward from the base mission. So if, for example, you engaged in the above mission and convinced the target to come with you without fighting, the reward would be for a total of 30,000 credits (25,000 for the base mission plus the 5,000 for the bonus). Cases where the bonus is exclusive from the base mission, the bonus will be paid separately from the base mission.

Be aware that posting bonus conditions are still required to offer a suitable base mission reward. Don't make the reward for your base mission 5 credits while offering a 100,000 credit bonus. Be reasonable. After all, posting a bounty should be a risk that you are willing to pay for if your character's bounty is claimed.

"Sweetening the Pot"
  • In this mechanic, outside parties are able to add credit rewards to a "pot" associated with individual bounties. At any time, an outside party is allowed to place a sum of credits into the pot. This sum cannot exceed the cost of the normal bounty reward. Additional credits from bonus conditions will not be factored into the sum. Once the bounty is claimed, individuals with credits in the pot must pay their credit sums to the successful hunter within a week.

Basically, this allows the community to incentivize the completion of certain bounties, likely difficult marks and to engage in a long term bet with other hunters on the matter. Think you have the skills to best someone? Toss creds into the pot and see if someone else wants to take up the challenge too. You only pay the credits you've tossed in. If you claim the mark, you've earned extra. If not, you've lost some creds.
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09.21.2012 , 03:47 PM | #3
~Current Bounties~

Note: Entries marked with an asterisk are candidates for deletion.


Name: Padawan Torlem
Faction: Republic
Profession: Guardian
Mission Type: Tracking
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus offered: 50,000 credits
Bonus Conditions: Find Torlem without a disguise, or hear someone speaking his name to claim the bonus (like, in /say).
Reason for Bounty: There are rumors that the so called 'death' of the Padawan was faked... Most likely to clear the bounty off of his head and to avoid capture by the Empire. I wish for somebody to bring me proof that he lives, if he's still alive. Deliver all evidence to Agent Sorotki immediately.

Name: Poy'shiri AKA The Golden Nuna or Nuna *
Faction: Republic Privateer
Profession: Smuggler, Spice Dealer, HNN Commentator, Dancer
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty.
Reward offered: 25,000 credits
Bonus offered: 20,000 credits
Bonus conditions: Establish known associates, more specifically the crew she's been running to abscond with Hutt slaves.
Reason for Bounty: After the deaths of a handful of Hutt-backed slave traders, the Hutt Cartel has pinned the name on a woman known to be involved with such contracts in the past. Poy'shiri has a long past of stealing slaves from Hutt slave traders and finding corners of the Galaxy to hide them in. She is wanted for questioning in relation to these jobs.
Known Associates: Golgaron Altiva, Niatara Keryn

Name: Telu'lai Kalamyr
Faction: Republic
Profession:[/color] Jedi Shadow
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty
Reward offered: 250,000 credits
Bonus offered:[/color] 250,000 credits[/red]
Bonus conditions: Upon successfully detaining your target[/b], contact Darth Xenter.
Reason for Bounty:
Wanted to tied to various assassinations and possible links to Republic SIS.
Known Associates: "Venjirai", Krekldev Salane

Name: Krekldev Salane
Faction: Republic
Profession: Freighter Hand
Mission Type: Traditional bounty
Reward offered: 350,000 credits
Reason for Bounty: Wanted for crimes against the Empire. Including sabotage, murder, terrorism, along with a list of other things. If desired, a full attachment can be given of actions the man is wanted for. Once done, contact Arksurim. Also, don't think about prank-calling me.
Known Associates: Frankldev Salane, Telu'lai


Name: Av'tress Delaar
Known Aliases: "Journeywoman"
Faction: Empire
Profession: Mandalorian Commando
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty (Capture)
Reward offered: 20,000 credits
Bonus offered: 80,000 credits
Bonus conditions: Acquire information on the whereabouts of Alor Tahrvin
Reason for Bounty: Target is wanted for culpability in the murder of Jedi Knight Hari Tuulk; theft of a lightsaber; and violation of Article III, Sc 2.33b of the Terms of Warfare, according to Coruscanti Law, regarding attack on diplomats.
Known Associates: Se'baya Keto

Name: Alcyöne Gath
Suspected Alias: The Widow
Faction: Empire
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Mission Type: Tracking Bounty
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus offered: 100,000 credits (name), 100,000 credits (face)
Bonus conditions: Hear her name (first or last) spoken or get a screenshot of her without her helm on and face visible.
Reason for Bounty: Alcyone Gath violently escaped from a Republic prison, killing several guards. Previously imprisoned for double homicide. A lead suggests that the hunter known as the Widow may be the fugitive Alcyone. Information on her whereabouts will be rewarded - proof of her identity will be richly rewarded.

Player Name: Rath'atan'doro
Faction: Empire
Profession: Pirate/Drug Lord/Insurrectionist.
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty
Reward offered: 50,000 credits
Requirements: Alive
Bonus: Limbs Unbroken
Bonus Reward: Piece of Adaptive Armor Choice of Helmet, Chest or Greaves.
Reason for Contract: This Individual has been known for causing revolts and assassinating nobles on Csilla, later after escaping custody he join the Black Sun Gang and is a Lieutenant within the group, he is known for infecting Imperial Water and Food Supplies with Spice that causes the troops to become addicted within a few days. Finally he is known for stealing Imperial Weaponary and selling it to the Hutts.
OOC: RP fight preferred.

Name: Goldsting. Known Aliases: Henrik Whitestar
Faction: Empire
Profession: Retired Bounty Bunter
Mission Type: Traditional bounty
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus offered: 25,000 credits
Bonus conditions: Bring the target in, unharmed. There will also be a 5000 credit reward offered to anyone willing to share information about his current whereabouts, loved ones, or current associates (Mail Goldsting, Czerka-sally, Igdo or Igdos in-game.)
Reason for Bounty: The terrorist known as 'Gold Sting', by past colleagues, is wanted by Torjanna the Hutt for the brutal murder of his brother, the once great and powerful Bogatta the Hutt. This monster must be brought to justice for the heinous crimes commit against Hutt kind.
Known Associates: Igdo

Name: Dessarian Rose Shallas (Republic name: Dessarose)
Faction: Empire
Profession: Sith Acolyte
Mission Type: Traditional bounty
Reward Offered: 50,000 credits
Reason for Bounty: The acolyte has escaped once again and used her Force Sight and the Republic to hide in to avoid recapture. The acolyte is considered too dangerous to fall or remain in Jedi hands and too useful to not simply eliminate. Delivery to Dromund Kaas required.
Known Associates: Master Darnell Othone and Master Serimirl Relik

Name: Cih'ziiTahrvin (Cih'ika)
Faction: Empire
Profession: Alor of Clan Tal'tracyn
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty (Capture)
Reward offered: 100,000 credits
Bonus: Target taken down without violent measures.
Bonus Reward: 250,000 credits
Reason for Bounty: Target is wanted for culpability in the murder of Jedi Master Haldrake Vaaln.
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09.21.2012 , 04:04 PM | #4
~~Bounties Claimed~~

Note: Due to BioWare's recent forum changes, there may be gaps in the information. Please give me a few days to determine what successful bounties were claimed. All information about previous "attempts" from our records have been lost.

UlnaSubject returned into the custody of Drooga the Hutt.

Jeos Dinas (First Posting)Subject fought off two attackers before sustained wounds led him to be subdued by Hunter Decklun Karrde. Subject escaped whilst in transit to secure location. A new bounty was posted.

Ilix RamosSubject successfully tracked from Carrick Station to various locations across the planet Voss.

Ne'yel Shahn
Subject was successfully apprehended by an unidentified bounty hunter.

Tyron StryderSubject was succesfully convinced, via seduction, to hand over an expensive suit. The article of clothing has been returned to the client but Mr. Stryder still remains at large to terrorize women throughout the galaxies cantinas.

Scoria DakhanZeris successfully aided Sith Lady Scoria Dakhan in the purge of seditious elements from the ancient tombs of Korriban.

Xothrarr (First Posting)
  • Escort mission completed by: Pekabo.
The Sith Acolyte Pekabo successfully aided Sith archaeologist Xothrarr in finding the lost tenets of Tulak Horde. He was rewarded amply for his efforts.

Dakron (First Posting)Subject turned over to local authorities in Sobrik. Subsequent reports state a successful prison escape three standard days after being processed.

HadiasiSubject suffered humiliation for their slight against Fica the Hutt but was left alive.

Xothrarr (Second Posting)
  • Escort mission completed by: Legato.
The bounty hunter escorted the Sith to a remote outpost in the Riflorii sector of the Advozse Hegemony. The Sith downloaded the necessary information he needed from the outpost's computers. Legato declined the bounty payment and the bounty is now closed. Xothrarr has stated that while Legato's aid was essential, he has found the Advozsec's theories on blood purity to be, quote, "A great deal of nonsense."

Jae'da Sin'lari
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: B'arin.
The hunter attempted to turn the mark over to an Imperial waystation but they turned down taking her into custody. Jae'da's allies allies caught up to B'arin and bribed him to secure the woman's release..

Jeos Dinas (Second Posting)Subject was reported dead. No body was presented to House Daji of Kuat. Regardless, the bounty was paid to Corvus for his service to the noble house.

  • Tracking bounty claimed by: Aru Korrim.
Subject successfully tracked on Nar Shaddaa and Tython.

IridalaSubject escaped but hunter Texal managed to retrieve the mark's vibroknife, fulfilling the bounty.

Ztaka Vao (First Posting)After tracking the smuggler down to the toxic planet of Quesh, Rax infiltrated the main Republic outpost there and confronted Ztaka and her Wookiee bodyguard. When they attempted to escape, Rax opened fire and they willingly gave up the prized artifact. Having retrieved what he was hired to get Rax saw no further harm done to the Twi'lek, but shot a paralyzing electro-dart into her flesh to ensure she didn't come following him..

Sien Zoth
Traditional bount claimed by: Enoch.
Subject was tracked to Voss and subsequently captured.

SedrynSubject surrendered willingly and was brought before a representative of the Hutt Cartel.

ZentoyoSubject was tracked to Voss and subsequently captured.

Alex Rolo (First Posting)
Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira.
Subject was tracked to Quesh and subsequently captured.

Rectory (First Posting)A joint contract was established and the target subsequently delivered to authorities on Corellia.

Tyron Ravein (aka Tyron Stryder)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Gw'en.
Subject was isolated on his ship and subsequently captured.

Jevv Norok (First Posting)
  • ​Traditional bounty claimed by: Jynro
Subject defeated in a shootout on Nar Shaddaa.

Dakron (Second Posting)Subject captured on Tatooine, safely transferred to the moon of Nar Shaddaa, payment received. Notice - Subject escaped confinement 24-standard hours later due to an apparently misguided cruise missile. Search teams report finding Rattataki remains not far from the incident site. Bodily damage makes identification impossible, assumed to be Dakron.

Rectory (Second Posting)A joint contract was taken and the subject was successfully captured on Tatooine.

Jevv Norok (Second Posting)Aru captured Norok, driving off one of Jevv's fellow Jedi and the bounty hunter Kashira in order to bring the man to face Hutt justice.

  • Tracking bounty claimed by: Dakron
Hunter tracked Kashira from Nar Shaddaa to Voss to Belsavis, completing his tracking mission for the Bounty Hunter's Guild.

Jeos Dinas (Third Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira.
After three unsuccessful attempts, hunter Kashira managed to track Dinas down on Taris. The boastful bounty hunter finally defeated her tenacious opponent only for him to pay her the bounty money, congratulate her, and walk away. The bounty had been a ruse by his employers to find competent hunters.

Alex Rolo (Second Posting)A joint contract was established and the bounty claimed during a social gathering at a casino barge on Nar Shaddaa.

Ztaka (Second Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
Hunter intercepted target on Nar Shaddaa. Records cannot claim details of the exchange but an individual bearing Vao's description is rumored to be running a pirate organization in the Outer Rim.

Grìzz MeshurikA joint contract was taken and the subject apprehended on his ship.

Xothrarr (Third Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
The renegade scholar was tracked to Nar Shadda. Unfortunately, the target had already destroyed the holocron wanted by the Ministry of Intelligence. Kashira sent him to the Imperials regardless but the Sith has been seen prowling ruins throughout the galaxy again.

Alex Rolo (Third Posting)
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
Hunter turned mark over to the Hutts for assault against their various holdings.

Jynro Rathni (Third Posting)Target was tracked to Nar Shaddaa and relevant information was extracted by the hunters.

Hudgaar Oakfell
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
Subject was confronted on Nar Shaddaa

SriiaSubject was confronted on Nar Shaddaa and taken into custody, against the protests of allies.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.

Mikita Bondara
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
Subject was successfully tracked down but Draeon did not manage to retrieve the desired star map from Bondara.

IgdoThis rogue Tusken was found, as so many of our marks are, on Nar Shaddaa. You'd think people would avoid that place by now.

Jynro Rathni
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
The duel between two of the Bounty Board's more prolific hunters was won by Draeon. Rathni remains at large.

Alex Rolo
Traditional bounty claimed by: Jynro Rathni.
Subject was capture on Nar Shaddaa and turned into Hutt custody, despite complications.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Equil.
The resilient and elusive Jedi Master was finally defeated in an honor duel on Tython

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Tervho.
Target was defeated and handed into Sith custody.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Beviin.
Cornered on a sail barge on Nar Shaddaa, the target and her associates put up a strong effort but could not stop the hunter from turning Bel'ak over to Republic SIS.

N'exx Grayson
  • Tracking bounty claimed by: Flict.
Target was tracked to Coruscant, where they were tailed for some time around the planet.

FlictTarget was captured after a week long con reached completion.

Possios TsauninTarget attempted to escape initial capture, leading to a long and awkward Toydarian Standoff (involving a Republic Trooper and an undercover Imperial agent) and a with few quick words, Texal managed to reclaim his bounty and return them to Dromund Kaas.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Goddrick.
After eluding hunters for the longest period in the history of the board, the space pirate Xhera was captured by Goddrick on Corellia

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kel-so

Cih'zii TahrvinTarget tracked to Nar Shaddaa and into the penthouse headquarters of Baktar Medicorp. Captured alongside Sebaya Keto. Turned over to Republic authorities on Alderaan.

Coyen Shukla
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Macelis.
Target tracked to Nar Shaddaa and grievously injured.

RävägeTarget was subject to the machinations of another Sith.

Arcaelis Sen'Teta Target was apprehended after location from an anonymous source lead to their location. Escorted safely to Dromund Kaas.

Tearendil Fei'masheren
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Draeon.
Target was tracked to the Western Ice Shelf of Illum and captured.

Zirco Azkeni Target was tracked to the troubled world of Makeb. Hunter downed the target's known associate and managed to talk her into leaving without further bloodshed. Target delivered to Dromund Kaas.

Sarai Kalixys
  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Vivek Eron
Target was tracked to the Nar Shaddaa and captured.

  • Traditional bounty claimed by: Kashira
Target was tracked to the Nar Shaddaa and captured.
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09.21.2012 , 04:57 PM | #5
Ladies and gentlemen, this list is about as current as I can get it. I will be updating the list on,, and within the next few days.

I would ask that if this concept interests you in the least, that you give it a try. It facilitates both exciting roleplay in the world and open world PvP. Best of all, our Escort and Delivery mission types provide fun forays into the board system that require no PvP.

So don't be shy, place a bounty or try to collect. This system thrives through participation! So, participate and enjoy!
'Jeos Dinas'-Ebon Hawk
Manager, The Ebon Hawk Bounty Board
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09.21.2012 , 09:42 PM | #6
It's good to see the return of the bounty board. Makes for some highly entertaining RP encounters.

Name: Banik
Faction: Republic
Profession: Arms dealer, though unconfirmed rumors link him to a 2-5 man smuggling operation
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty
Reward offered: 5,000,000c
Reason for Bounty: "Captain" Banik recently placed a highly public ad on Coruscant featuring the Mandalorians as users and endorsers of natural male enhancement stims. Target is to be eliminated and decapitated. Any who wish to claim the reward must present the target's head to a Mandalorian representative on Dromund Kaas.

Sergeant Gojo, an SIS sniper, is a confirmed associate.

Edit: For assistance in hunting the correct target, a text file of the advertisement will be provided to interested parties.

(hologram of a shirtless Mandalorian appears)
Ladies, look at your man.
Now, back to me.
(camera begins moving lower down the Mandalorian's body)
Now back to your man.
Now, back to me.
Now back to your man.
Now back to me.
(camea stops at crotch level)
Sadly, your pathetic man will never be a Mandalorian man. But he can imagine he is. Try Mandozac today, the only male enhancement stim endorsed by the Mandalore the Vindicated.
I'm on a rancor.
(Mandalorian walks away whistling)
I used simple happy language words to help you understand.
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09.22.2012 , 12:23 PM | #7
Thanks for the new bounty! You'll be processed shortly. Updates to the other threads should happen later on today but I might not finish at all places.

I encourage Imperial bounties especially, if we can get them. But any participation would be quite appreciated. Good luck again!
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09.22.2012 , 07:22 PM | #8
I'm finally getting the details of a completed bounty so I can add it to the board. Data's still a bit incomplete so if you have the full story, let me know! That said:

The bounty on Dr.Wheatley Ubbit has been claimed by Greyth and an unknown Jedi associate!

The dubious doctor was tracked to Corellia, where Greyth destroyed the medical madman's personal assistant droid, "D4V3v2.0". In a last ditch attempt to avoid capture the sly surgeon shot Greyth with a hidden wrist dart launcher and a poison dart. The hunter's Jedi ally purged him of the poison and Dr. Ubbit was deposited on Belsavis.
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09.26.2012 , 07:57 PM | #9
We have added bounties for the following individuals: Xhera, Valkryia, Ishoam, and Merralné. By tomorrow, the mirror board on will be completed, meaning that all the mirror site boards will be up to date.

Keep sharp! Add your own characters or go hunting! We're on a nice upswing here and now that we're almost completely
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09.27.2012 , 05:27 PM | #10
Name: Fyor Shan
Faction: Republic
Profession: Smuggler
Mission Type: Traditional Bounty
Reward offered: 10,000
Reason for Bounty: Rogun the Butcher will pay a substantial reward to anyone who roughs up this slippery son of a Hutt that has foiled so many of his plans.