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Class Feedback

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07.16.2012 , 10:39 AM | #1
Hi everyone,

We’re looking for some specific feedback about each Advanced Class and spec. Your feedback here, along with other feedback we’ve been gathering and our internal metrics, may guide future class balance changes. Similar threads will be found in every Advanced Class forum.

Here are the two questions that we’d like to ask (please only post about specific specs that you actively play, and don’t forget to tell us which one you’re talking about!):

1. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Please answer the post using the same format and in no more than 2-3 sentences per question.

This is not a discussion thread, so please do not debate others’ feedback – everyone gets to share what they think. Any off-topic or unconstructive posts (or any that do not follow the above guidelines) will be removed without warning.

Remember, this isn’t the only thread we’re looking at for feedback – if you have more feedback than fits the above guidelines, please feel free to post a discussion thread. We’re looking to get some specific insights here, but we are always reading the forums to gather feedback and player concerns.

Thank you!

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07.16.2012 , 10:51 AM | #2
1. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?

In regards to the darkness spec (31/0/10 the one I use), most people perceive it as using DPS gear (in pvp) as the tanking aspect (and gear) of it in pvp situations isn't that great. People see this class as an alternative and often better, DPS class (other than pure darkness or a hybrid mentioned in these forums). People at least acknowledge me as a ball carrier or that I am a good guarder. As well, other classes no longer view it as a viable tank in PvE as many operation bosses use damage types that go through the shield, which means the other tanks incur less damage, which depending on the situation, a tankassin cannot recover from too easily with self heals.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

I simply perceive it as a tank spec. The war hero survivor gear I use seems to encourage the use of DPS (lower endurance, higher willpower) and I find that in PvP I am not so much considered a tank, but a person with a little more survivability and some DPS. Sure the 1.3 nerf did hurt DPS wearing tankassins, but I think it hurt tank geared tankassins mostly to do with their own role (both in PVE and PVP).

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07.16.2012 , 11:14 AM | #3
Darkness spec

1. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?
As an off-tank, moderate damage dealer. Not effective in high pressure tanking situations.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?
I find like many games where one tank is an 'Avoidance' or 'Healing' tank, that it never works out well for the player. It's a great idea, but so few games are willing to allow the attacks of their strongest bosses to be deflected. Also in game that rely strongly on healing like SWTOR, tank healing is usually limited as is here.

I don't tank with the spec and have stopped playing endgame content with the character. It's not fun.

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07.16.2012 , 11:20 AM | #4
I'm not going to go 1/2.

I'm going straight to what needs to be done, the changes in 1.3 were too extream, if you left the armour or the healing done, the changes might have been fine.

It's now harder to get into groups, some will say... change roles, even if my points are completely tank orientated - they do not want "my kind" in the group anymore - simple reason, you nerfed too much in one go. Something you failed to do right during testing.

The system you use to judge classes, is wrong. Simple as. When you change a classes abilities - or their values, you run each change through a playerbase... if the playerbase finds the changes acceptable, good, if not by a large percentage, go back change it by a small amount and patch the server until the general population that *play* the class can agree the nerf is at the right point.

Both the deception tree and tanking tree, need adjustments, because for now... the tanking playerbase of the class are feeling grossly underpowered and deception is going the way of the Dinosaur.
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07.16.2012 , 11:31 AM | #5
Assassin Tank.

1. Terrible I take far more damage then any other tank class in the game, I have more then one tank but this is the only assassin I have.

2. Terrible again, I feel like I am just a wet punching bag in end game content, I don't have the damage reduction of the other classes and while my shield and absorb are higher then my other tanks against a boss it doesn't matter as they almost always bypass the shield in the first place. And having one defensive cooldown just makes it all that much worse.
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07.16.2012 , 11:45 AM | #6

1. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?

The only viable PvE DPS spec Assassins have. Some are mistaken that we can still switch to tanking on the fly. Slightly less desirable than having a Marauder, given the choice.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Madness is a solid DPS spec with choices for interesting utility options (instant whirlwind into stun.) I do a bit less damage than I would expect in comparison to Warrior DPS specs which get more reliable defensive cooldowns. In PvP, DoTs show nicely on the scoreboard, but I don't contribute enough "useful kills" in a bursty environment; Darkness' burst and survivability are high enough to make Madness a second-rate PvP spec.
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07.16.2012 , 11:50 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post

1. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

1. People perceive me as overpowered in PVP and useless in PVE. Of course, the overpoweredness in pvp comes from the fact that I wear full augmented war hero gear and my gear is min/maxed to provide optimal dps output, but people insist that the class itself is op.

In order to achieve the most usability, I have to spec as a tank and put on dps gear because wearing tank gear is useless due to shield/absorb not being useful.

I haven't did any end game PVE since the 1.3. I feel selfish by taking my assassin tank into a raid with my guild because other classes can help the raid more than I can( For example, I simply cannot tank Kephess.)

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07.16.2012 , 11:51 AM | #8
1. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?

In it's current form, deception is viewed as a joke spec. It simply does not have enough burst/sustained DPS to be viable. People would rather take a tank/ madness assassin into endgame content because they can do my job better.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Deception is one of the most fun playstyles and one of the trickier AC to make perform well. It can shine under the right circumstances but, in endgame content, those circumstances are few and far between.
I personally would like to see something done of the damage/force re gen side of the deception builds. it's fine to be a glass cannon but not when the cannon isn't big enough or can't be fired long enough to be effective.
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07.16.2012 , 12:29 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post
[COLOR=#f9d6481. How do you think your Assassin spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?[/color]
1. Tank is an offspec, Deception is a free kill and Madness is ok.

2. I think the tank spec is now an off spec due to the huge nerfs, Deception has nice damage but dies when someone sneezes and Madness seems to be in a good place.

3. Fixes

Tank: I realize the devs felt this spec was over-performing but only half the nerfs were needed. Either the armor nerf or the self healing nerf would have been all that was needed.

Deception either needs more CC control like Ops have or need more defense abilities like other dps classes like the Marauder

Madness seems is a good place.

My two cents.
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07.16.2012 , 12:32 PM | #10
I think people assume that every sin is darkness and invulnerable to damage.

As deception, my spec, I feel like its play style is great! Perfect even.

However, the output is hard to justify with the low survivability at times.

I feel like performance varies a lot depending on what the enemy team is like.

If its a bunch of high armor targets I feel pretty helpless.
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