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Class Feedback

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07.16.2012 , 10:39 AM | #1
Hi everyone,

We’re looking for some specific feedback about each Advanced Class and spec. Your feedback here, along with other feedback we’ve been gathering and our internal metrics, may guide future class balance changes. Similar threads will be found in every Advanced Class forum.

Here are the two questions that we’d like to ask (please only post about specific specs that you actively play, and don’t forget to tell us which one you’re talking about!):

1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?
2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Please answer the post using the same format and in no more than 2-3 sentences per question.

This is not a discussion thread, so please do not debate others’ feedback – everyone gets to share what they think. Any off-topic or unconstructive posts (or any that do not follow the above guidelines) will be removed without warning.

Remember, this isn’t the only thread we’re looking at for feedback – if you have more feedback than fits the above guidelines, please feel free to post a discussion thread. We’re looking to get some specific insights here, but we are always reading the forums to gather feedback and player concerns.

Thank you!

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07.16.2012 , 10:54 AM | #2
Healing Sorc

1) I'd say other classes perceive us as target number one without a good tank. Easy and quick to kill.

2) I think our class is based on our ability to kite to survive, but it is extremely difficult when all of my abilities take a significant amount of time to cast/channel. If I'm kiting the one opponent, then I'm not healing anyone else with the exception of throwing random static barriers. I'm essentially guard dependent in PVP. PVE I'm good.
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07.16.2012 , 11:01 AM | #3
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?

Madness spec - A free kill for any class. Only good for "utility" (in other words a couple of flashy gimmicks like force speed, force pull). In one word: weak.

Healing Spec: Static easy kill, easy to interrupt, easy to lock down, dead in seconds.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Madness Spec: Weak DPS class, too easy too kill, all glass with no cannon. Not wanted in rated war zones AT ALL. Not enough burst damage for PVP, not enough sustained damage for PVE. DoTs tick far too long and are easily cleansed. Very often out of force if we survive more than 30 seconds in a battle (pretty unlikely at higher level). No longer played after valor rank 80 - as I wanted to DPS! - .so I rolled both a mara and a pyro, the difference in DPS and survivability is night and day.

Healing Spec: Worst healing class in PVP, too many long hard casts, not enough on the move casts and instants that count. Essentially in PVP I felt like a Sentinel magnet, sorc healer appears and 2 or 3 Sentinels will instantly fly to you for the easy kill, usually within the time I can cast a bubble and start a hard heal. No longer played either - I rolled an Operative healer for PVP instead - I wanted to HEAL, not spend my life behind the respawn barrier - again the difference is night and day.

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07.16.2012 , 11:07 AM | #4
1. Lightning DPS: Target and kill otherwise don't worry

2. I love my spec but I do feel considerably weaker compared to my gunslinger
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07.16.2012 , 11:32 AM | #5
1. People seem to remain concerned that corruption sorceror's aren't really up to par as healers.

2. I find corruption sorceror's to be good healers provided I am able to constantly focus on healing. I can hardly do any healing if I have to move a lot, or if my healing target is getting out of my range, forcing me to move a lot. A 2 second cast time feels very slow.

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07.16.2012 , 11:40 AM | #6
1- I don't pvp but I know this is where most perceive sorcerors to be weak, especially healers (which is what I play). For PVE I think sorcerors are still sought after for healers.

2 - As a healer I think my spec is fine, although I would like a faster cast for DI, even if it was triggered by another ability and had a cooldown. Something that could be used in extreme emergencies. Aside from that I find everything about my healer to be quite fun.

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07.16.2012 , 12:05 PM | #7
Hi I play lightning Sorcerer and here are my answers

1) In warzones they usually see me as their potential doom and so target & attack me first, probably because of my fast and very high damage output.

2) I love my advanced class, the only thing I kind of don't like is that almost all of my "spells" are lightning-based and so there is little visual distinction between them.

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07.16.2012 , 12:08 PM | #8
Healing Hybrid Sorc

1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes?

In Rated Warzones Sorcs are perceived as the "weak link of the chain". We annoy people when we are left to freecast but we are easily shutdown, especially by Pyro specced Powertechs. We are a kiting class that lacks powerful heals on the run, which makes our kiting capacity very awkard because we have to stop to heal and when we stop we are dead. We dont have tools to do our job.

2. How do you perceive your own spec?

Incredibly fun and intuitive, i myself like the support playstile the sorc gives me but i feel i dont have the tools to do my job properly. I feel im shutdown too easily, because basically everything i do to escape and kite is counterable by the most elementary skills any class has.
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07.16.2012 , 12:08 PM | #9
1. How do you think your Sorcerer spec is perceived by other classes? Hunted in PvP to kill the Heal0rz even when you're DPS. Heavy hitter in ops
2. How do you perceive your own spec? Glass Cannon. Great in ops, Useless in PvP.

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07.16.2012 , 12:48 PM | #10
I don't PVP so these are pure PVE comments.

1. I believe a lot of people see the Sorcerer as the best healer in PVE, there was a huge discussion about this in general chat on the fleet one evening and a lot of people seemed to be under the impression that the Sorcerer was the best PVE healer and that the Operative was the best PVP healer.

2. I believe that the Sorcerer has the best aoe healing and probably the second best single target healing not far behind the Operative. We do however lack a lifesaving ability that can be used when someone is about to die except for the Static Barrier, may i propose a change to Recklessness perhaps from the healing skill tree that only makes it work on one skill instead of two but also makes the next skill activate without a casting time.