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To many abilities - piano playing must be reduced...

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To many abilities - piano playing must be reduced...

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03.14.2012 , 04:54 PM | #1
We want to play some pvp, not be musicians to piano play the keyboard... Consolidate the skills and let us focus on awaraness whats happenign around, teamwork and timing insetad of constant full time piano playing we are forced to do if we want to use all the abilities in pvp... Its just bad design Bioware... PvP should be about reflex and quick thinking, not player vs keybinds tetris or situation where you force people to be clickers due to not enough comfortable hotkeys...

For example jaggernaut immortal:

- taunt enemy attacking our ally
- shield ally being attacked
- intercede ally for more protection
- aoe taunt for reduced dmg to ally
- aoe slow to make pvp with enemy acceptable (slow on ability that is not in main-rotation is also huge mistake - in pvp slow is crucial and should be on all classes' main abilities)

and thats just to start using actuall combat abilities... wihch also are scattered around to many skills not neccesarily...

Whats the point?

Why cant we have charge and intercede merged into one ability that works two ways accordindgly to type of our target (ally/foe)?
Why cant we have smash have the effect of aoe slow?
Why cant we have execute lightsaber throw effect merged with normall lightsaber throw (when enemy under x% of HP it do additional dmg)?
Why cant we have our 3 survival defensive abilities merged into 2 abilities(one short cooldown and one longer)?

Why do we need so many unneccesary keybinds?! Im fed up with this cooldown-tetris, hotkey piano-playing and i wont be a clicker you want me to be - if thats not gonna change i will just go play games where skill is measured with what i wrote above: wit, reflex and combat awaraness.
Swtor is first mmorpg i had to bind so many often-used shift+hotkeys... and im using half of the keyboard already...

Learn to consolidate abilities effects to show some respect towards your player's comfort. And for Christ's sake start playing your own game so we wont have to notify you about such a gamebreaking, funbreaking, UNCOMFORTABLE issues.
Learn to utilise chance-on-hit and chance-on-receiving-dmg effects... Just give our keyboards and hands a relief, cause its NO-GO at least for me atm. Im not willing to spend my time doing pvp this way.

The point is to make player often use only those keys:
Q,E,R,T,F,X,C,V,~,1,2,3,4, mouse3, mouse4

those are comfortable hotkeys we can use all the time without piano-playing.

But its not enough to bind all those abilities you created as individual abilities.... Learn from games like Bloodline Champions where you had only handfull of keybinds and the PvP was intense and skill based like in no other 3rd person battleground/arena-like game. Playing that game your hand was on contstant dance of quick strokes yet it was comfortable. In swtor you have to move it around the keyboard all the time and stress it with all the modifier keys... unless you want to just abandon some abilities and never use them >.<

On top of that you still didnt thought its enough and you implemented relics with "on use" ability... thats 2 aditional things to use in combat... this is madness. Please admit you are making game for a clickers and keyboard+keyboardmouse (like naga) only! Thats why you dont want us to have macros to utilise all those abilities by using only keyboard binds? Seirously, its 21th century.

to save you reading trough whole thread im copiyign here what concluded from discussion with people defending so many uncomfortable binds:

I believe that skill in a game is:
agility of the mind and bit of reflex
They believe that skill in a game is:
agility of fingers and a bit of thinking
so we cant understund each other.

Smart way of implementing need of mastering the class' abilities is implementing just a handfull abilities with plenty of different effects accordingly to the state of the target, kind of the target and state of the caster. That applies to friend/foe, target HP, target CC status, target buffs/debuffs, range, caster buffs/debuffs (like one ability can be follow up of several others and have different effect with each of them), etc...

So you dont need piano playing and you still must invest a lot of practise in mastering the class. Thats how decent ability development looks like. Several comfy keys and plenty, plenty of outcomes dependant of their timing and follow-ups strategies.

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03.14.2012 , 05:09 PM | #2
Naga Mouse.

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03.14.2012 , 05:12 PM | #3
Or they could simply introduce macros so people can design their own hot keys.

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03.14.2012 , 05:14 PM | #4
translation " please give me only four abilities, i like being bored and don't like to use my brain to play. kthnx"
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03.14.2012 , 05:14 PM | #5
I think the way people play this game in pvp is to just roll their fat thumb across the side buttons of the naga mouse. XD

I'll keep playing the piano. and using my regular standard issue computer mouse. >_>

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03.14.2012 , 05:20 PM | #6
You could always just play a mercenary and be one of those guys that only uses tracer missile.

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03.14.2012 , 05:26 PM | #7
there is way too many jedi sentinel abilities

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03.14.2012 , 05:27 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by lectotrans View Post
translation " please give me only four abilities, i like being bored and don't like to use my brain to play. kthnx"
even with his changes there are more than 20 left so stop acting like a elitist jerk.
there are a lot of redundant skills that need to be merged with others.

i wonder how many toolbars we will have when the first expansion hits.

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03.14.2012 , 05:28 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by lectotrans View Post
translation " please give me only four abilities, i like being bored and don't like to use my brain to play. kthnx"
I believe you misunderstud me. Im not complaining on stimulating my brain while doing competetive pvp which is all about stimulating brain (fighting against human beings is much more demanding than fighting against AI - where additional abilities and piano playing once in a while might be kind of substitution for a real challenge which is combining reflex, wit and awaraness). Im complaining about need of using 5 million keybinds and another 5 million of modifier+keybinds all the time.

So your translation is missleaded.

You havent ever seen Bloodline Champions i believe. Play there, you have like i believe 6-7 class abilities there and somehow pvp battles over there are tense and skill rewarding much more than swtor you know... and hey... noone gets bored with the fighting. Why? Becouse timing, reflex and wit matters there... no need of piano-playing.

Why Age of Conan implemented combos insetad of piano playing over whoel keyboard? Why Blizzard reduced number of abilities? WHy they removed "on-use" from trinkets? What, you want to tell me that arena-players e-sport nerds there are lame and you would defeat them single-handenly? You want to deceive me or yourself here?

Look at shooters, where all you have there is aiming + handfull abilities - you call that boring? No, becouse its all about timing them right and perfect the aiming and strategies. Same applies to pvp in mmorpgs with one difference, insetad of aiming you perfect strategies, combos and timing against other players strategies, combos and timing. If you love piano-playing or you simply play class that dont have to do that, and if you gonna voich for leaving everything as it is, then you may one day wake up with noone to pvp with.

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03.14.2012 , 05:29 PM | #10
Every ability is keybound on my character minus PvE damage and buffs.

Sadly though I cannot play the piano.
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