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Jedi Robe Graphical Issue -> Male Body Type 2 bubble-butt

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Jedi Robe Graphical Issue -> Male Body Type 2 bubble-butt

Valorn's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 12:32 PM | #1
So I tried out a Jedi Guardian, got a cool new robe, and tried it on in the viewer. It looks like this - cool!

Then I put it on, and looked at what my character is outside the viewer, and the robe actually looked like this.

Notice the difference in the lower-half of the player. Same player, same model, same item. Where did the bubble-butt come from? We got some Mix-a-lot fans in the dev team or what? It looks like female Type 4 is lower garmet is being applied to my Type 2 male.

Also, why is the image in the viewer different from the image on the character? Shouldn't they be using the same rendering?

I see this problem on other players too. My buddy also sees the same graphical issue on me, so it isn't just my PC. It also doesn't appear to be class related - I've seen Sentinels with the same issue. And it may not be body type related either, as I think I've seen it on Type 3 as well as Type 2 males, but it is less prominent since Type 3 males are larger.

Plz fix. Its cosmetic but the character being out of proportion is really irritating. Ruins the whole awesome Jedi feel.

Hizoka's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 01:16 PM | #2
more annoying that with females the robe kinda flops over on the left side and stays there...

Sconnoll's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 02:54 PM | #3
I've noticed the bubble-butt on some of my friends too, all jedi knights. They really should fix it, it looks simply absurd and I always laugh when i see it. Jedi knights should not have shelf-asses. (so glad I went jedi consular)

HooblaDan's Avatar

02.23.2012 , 03:34 PM | #4
Male type 3 has the same problem with robes, consular and knight. Not quite as bad as that, but def still a poofy butt.

Valorn's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 12:41 PM | #5
I'm seeing this on all Jedi knights regardless of level or gear now. I see fancy level 50 robes with the bubble-butt, but a Consular right next to him with nearly the same model does not have it.

C'mon bioware, fix this.

Richoshist's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 01:01 PM | #6
Yeah, looks kinda dumb. And the robes show you with a normal butt in the preview window, put it on and <bam> jedi got back.
The weak fear the strong. The strong fear the fearless.
Richo Shistt-Jedi Guardian
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Skylerr's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 02:37 PM | #7
Oh, thanks... this is one of those things that once seen can never be unseen.


Ahrounmoon's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 02:54 PM | #8
But... I like the butts in this game. I can't look away from them half the time, male or female. o.O

UchihaMatt's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 08:19 PM | #9
So is this a bug or a design choice? It looks so odd, please don't be say it's by design, please.

Bellendaine's Avatar

02.24.2012 , 10:29 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by ahrounmoon View Post
but... I like the butts in this game. I can't look away from them half the time, male or female. O.o
lol! :d
Khi-lar Zhen, Jedi Master