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Titan panel/fubar like info bar

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02.16.2012 , 06:42 AM | #1
I'd like too see an info bar similar to Titan panel or fubar in game. Playing WoW I've become quite used to having the information on hand. I'm not saying I want to see addons in the game, just would like to see this feature added

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02.16.2012 , 07:52 AM | #2
I should probably mention a few of the functions of it

Xp/hour tracker
Money tracker cross character
Bag status
Durability status
Game performance

And many other features as well that I can't remember right now.
Personally I don't think any of these are game breaking features, just handy additions

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02.16.2012 , 07:53 AM | #3
I'm all for it, but they would have to incorporate it in a way that made it seemless with the overall HUD. Already the HUD feels cluttered due to lack of an ability to customize it. If they implemented this feature with a way to move it, scale it, transparency, etc...I'd be happy.
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02.16.2012 , 07:55 AM | #4
Titan panel is a bar that goes across the top/bottom of the ui, takes up hardly any space

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02.16.2012 , 10:12 AM | #5
Can anyone think of a good reason why we couldn't have something like this in game? I'm honestly interested in what people think about it.

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02.17.2012 , 03:19 AM | #6

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02.17.2012 , 04:01 AM | #7
I would prefer an ingame type deal.. I am uneasy about addons currently.. Some issues or bugs were really hard to get fixed or even acknowleged because of addons.. Then there was always the the issue of, the game publisher decided it didn't like the addon so it would waste resources breaking them..

I did use a lot of addons on WOW and felt they had a positive impact.. Titan panel is one of them.. But I would prefer is something like that could be added in house by Bioware..

Along with Omen, Recount, and DBM to name a few..
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02.17.2012 , 06:13 AM | #8
That's what I mean.. I'd like it to be a swtor feature rather than an addon

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02.17.2012 , 06:24 AM | #9

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02.18.2012 , 07:36 AM | #10
anyone else have thoughts on this?