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Getting tired

Gphalen's Avatar

02.13.2012 , 04:31 PM | #1
Of paying for a broken product!
The loading screen lags so bad when entering a pvp match i load long enough to get booted or i dont even get to see the pvp enviroment and am at the fleet from another planet..

Getting sick of your issues costing my creds in game..

Fix your servers get rid of the lag...Server im on cant be that populated 99% of the matches are imp v imp if i see a republic player im to stunned to attack its like seeing big foot..

Seriously guys 14.99 for this lagged out product its just not worth the price of admission.

Stated many times 28th of febuary is the deadline start fixing things or i remove your product when paid time ends and go renew wow!

At least i know it works and works well panderans poke mon, dumbed down talent trees and all!

Really tired of reading the same issues over and over and over again since beta testing began months ago!

yous are well aware of the issues if you cant fix it fire the staff just like Toronto did to Biowares entire office and replace them with compitent people who know how to do their jobs..

P.s maybe a pvp person WHOS ACTUALLY done some real pvp not dabbled in it!

i wont complain about the rest ill save it for another post.
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02.13.2012 , 04:39 PM | #2
Edit* ( i trolled ya)

i was having a bad lunch..

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02.13.2012 , 04:41 PM | #3
Sorry to hear that... but seriously, if you feel this bad over a game... then do not pay to play for it...

you shouldn't pay for something you get frustrated over... well, unless that thing is called Alimony
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