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Announcing The Old Republic Guild Summit

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Announcing The Old Republic Guild Summit
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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02.01.2012 , 10:02 AM | #1 Click here to go to the next staff post in this thread. Next  
Today, we are pleased to announce the first ever Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Guild Summit, being hosted in Austin, TX in March. Over the course of a few days, guild leaders from around the world will gather together to discuss the state of the game with the developers from BioWare Austin. Guild leaders (or a designated officer in the event of a guild leader being unable to attend) will participate in Q&A sessions with developers, roundtable feedback discussions, and will get a preview of some upcoming game features.

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Amp_'s Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:08 AM | #2
Interesting. March looks like it's shaping up to be a big month.

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02.01.2012 , 10:09 AM | #3
This is good. Honestly I hope all the guild leaders bring tough questions to the summit and get direct answers.
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02.01.2012 , 10:19 AM | #4
Just applied as I live locally and my guild is well represented on our server. I certainly hope Bioware picks some quality leaders from quality guilds and this summit is well received. Thanks BW for putting this together and we look forward to seeing you guys in March. Oh yeah, send MF our invite!

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Blev's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:22 AM | #5
This isn't bad, though, I do wonder if this will accomplish enough. Seeing the state of the game currently, I've been growing more and more concerned that the quality and expansiveness (or lack thereof) of the March patch will probably make or break this game from a population standpoint going forward.
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Gurluas's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:24 AM | #6
to any RP-guild leaders chosen, ask for cross faction /emote and cross faction grouping and channels.

Saseav's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:25 AM | #7
don't know if my leader can attend or not, if we even got invited or not. Can representatives be sent in the leader's place is my first question

edit: i just re-read it. sorry bout the pointless question.
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02.01.2012 , 10:25 AM | #8
wonder if they will do something like this for the EU Guilds or do we get forgotton about yet again by BW??
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Aleksejev's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:25 AM | #9
Excellent initiative, as someone noted earlier, march is shaping up to be a big month in many regards.

That said, i really do hope they will do a similar thing for their European playerbase, if not now, then in the near future.

Kakarris's Avatar

02.01.2012 , 10:27 AM | #10
This will just be some PR nonsense.