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[Event Invitation] HK-51 Droid Hunters Server Event

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[Event Invitation] HK-51 Droid Hunters Server Event

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06.17.2022 , 02:47 AM | #1
Target locked; death imminent.
The Maker marked you; nothing personal!
I kill to serve!

~ HK-51 ~
~ ~

Join the Stroke my Wookie HK-51 Droid Hunters server event to get your very own HK assassination droid. The killer companion no meatbag should be without! Once you've acquired him you can use the Character Perks page of the Legacy window to unlock him for your other characters.

Sunday 26th June 13:00 BST (14:00 CEST) (View in your timezone)

How to join in
All you have to do is be on either Imperial or Republic fleet at event start time and put a + in general chat when we start invites. You do not have to be a guild member to join in.

Introduction: We will form ops groups and invite them to Discord voice to hear how the event works. We'll type the instructions in /ops chat as well for those not in voice comms.

Part 1: We'll share the HK-51 guide and split into 4 person groups to start the quest on the Theoretika. We'll arrange a time for all the groups to meetup again and reform the larger ops groups.

Part 2: The ops groups head to each location and search for the droid parts. People call out and summon when a piece is found.

Part 3: Relog and form one or more ops groups to search for parts on Rep side.

Part 4: Reform the groups of 4 from earlier to complete story mode Foundry, False Emperor and the HK quest itself.

Part 5: Customise your assassination droid and introduce him to your enemies 💀

  • You will need a character on both factions to help search for the droid parts.
  • Your characters need access to their personal starships to accept the summons 🚀
  • Optional: Join us in our Discord Server Events voice channel:
  • Optional: Join our custom in-game text channel for this event to get help and update us on your groups progress: /cjoin hk

Tell your friends as it will go faster with more people helping

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06.25.2022 , 02:27 PM | #2
Reminder bump, the event is this Sunday! Invites will be on Imp side Fleet at the event start time. See you there