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Assault HK customizations on Boosted characters

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Assault HK customizations on Boosted characters

ironkevin's Avatar

05.08.2020 , 09:36 PM | #1
Is there any way to get the assault hk customization on a boosted character? I hadn't played this game actively in many years and I had a character boost when I came back so I decided to use it. I thought originally that the HK assault customization's came from Yavin coalition rep, but it turns out its from playing shadow of revan(which is completed on boosted characters).

Is there a vendor somewhere I can buy it, CM pack, can it drop from the flash points associated with shadow of revan?

Butternico's Avatar

05.09.2020 , 12:20 AM | #2
To my current knowledge when boosting a character you are unable to complete previous story lines, so stuff like the HK Assault would be unavailable to gain for that character. And sadly they bind on pickup, so you can't transfer it from a different character or buy it from a seller.
Hope this helps!