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Armor Stands

DMulisk's Avatar

08.11.2018 , 08:46 AM | #1
Hello, I just wanted to say that I think adding a Armor Stand decoration to show off your armor sets and such inside your stronghold would be really cool. Please add, ty <3

YakJedi's Avatar

06.29.2022 , 04:40 PM | #2
Bumping this thread because I agree. It would be nice to have a deco of some kind that you can "dress up" like in the outfitter. Like a mannequin or just a repulsor stand (i.e. invisible mannequin) that the owner can interact with to display your outfits. And a similar thing for weapons.

jfritt's Avatar

07.10.2022 , 01:11 PM | #3
Kinda like in skyrim you can see the mannequin with the armor but make it be like Bind to legacy armor or armor that isnt bound so all characters in your legacy can see and use if needed. Also make all characters in your legacy be decorations untill you log into thatone then it goes to a generic model for your race

LittleEwina's Avatar

07.18.2022 , 02:36 PM | #4
Unless I'm mistaken, and I know I'm not, armor stands are literally the first thing that was asked for when they made the Cartel Market Suggestion Decoration thread, in 2014. It would be nice to have armour stand indeed, but considering people have been asking for 8 years I don't expect it to ever be done. But it's still a nice idea. Could make a cool accessory for a mandalorian bedroom.