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Solo unranked PvP arenas : how to make PvP great again.

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Solo unranked PvP arenas : how to make PvP great again.

limenutpen's Avatar

01.22.2021 , 02:02 AM | #11
I have been asking this since Season One launched, when was it the fall of 2013?.
Why? Because like that people can practise before jumping into the Ranked-Arena que.
Normal Warzones are different to Arenas.
Like this people can actually practise and have better idea how Arenas work before jumping into it.
Another good way to make it would also be that that when we have Pre-season the ques are merged.
In reality Solo-Arena (no premade) que would be like a never stopping friendly Arena play, if you can call it that way.
I think it would help players not little entering into the Arena and eventually ranked que.

Valor has nothing to do with it. People think to much of its importance today, it was a stat for 2012 not today.
Bioware left it for achievement purposes because people eat that stuff. Me included, that's about it.

Sushumna's Avatar

01.22.2021 , 03:20 AM | #12
Good idea. A Huttball league would be a nice to have too -- for people that actually want to ball and not brawl.

Raazmir's Avatar

01.22.2021 , 01:45 PM | #13
this is just literally allowing people to select or blacklist arenas in unranked and will suffer the same problems people bring up there. Queue times.
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