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Returning Vet LF Guild

Halfguards's Avatar

04.14.2021 , 12:42 PM | #1
I havenít played in around four years, but I recently picked the game back up. Iím currently hunting a new guild that is focused on group events such as operations and hard mode flash points. Faction isnít a factor for me. At the end of the day, Iím looking for some cool people to play with on a daily basis.

A bit about me:
I began playing the beta in 2011, and I mostly ran an operative healer through NiM EV and KP in a guild on The Harbinger. The RotH expansion saw me change into a powertech tank with a small focus on juggernaut tanking through TFB HM. My final foray into this game came roughly four years ago, when I played as an assassin tank. Unfortunately, my guild had crumbled and I was left to do group finder runs only. Now that Iím coming back, I had planned on tanking, but if thereís a specific role that can be filled, I enjoy many classes.

I look forward to speaking and playing with you!