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Disable chat in solo ranked to keep it alive

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Disable chat in solo ranked to keep it alive

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12.05.2021 , 05:44 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidAtkinson View Post
Let's summarize a bit the experience of a typical player who gets toxicity :

Maybe you are player that plays unranked on a regular basis , you know you rotation, you know at least at basic level how to use your defenses , and you decide to que ranked because you want some good challenge. You hit up the que with your Jugg dps and you get a pop. You end up against some operatives , sorc and sniper and you are eager to start the match. After strat is decided, you finally go in and then..... one oper pops out of stealth and stuns you . You panic and you break, then the other one saps you from stealth again and they " chop chop" chop, chop" you down. You use your defenses , try all and you end up dead in like 7, 8 seconds . What happens next ? Your team will start talking nicely about your mom....

You see, removing the chat won't really fix that:
Yes but that is the process of learning, there's many people who que into solo ranked, get deleted and slowly learn, you arent gonna be great at solo ranked in game 1 since it is a completely different game to regs. (And if you want my personal experience I ll say I cant really lose, either we win or I get to enjoy some people's rage so my experience had been quite fun at start either way xd)

People definitely dont enjoy getting deleted, but I believe there's many people who will keep trying and learning from that, but for many of those, the constant moaning and toxicity in the chat is the reason they choose to not bother again, not because they got deleted the first couple of times they joined, that is something they have power over by realizing what they need to do the next time.

The root cause is your own teammates screeching like that angry german kid video, so if that issue is dealt with, the solo ranked participation would increase and would pop more often which is what I want, I want solo ranked to pop more often throughout the day.

Quote: Originally Posted by DavidAtkinson View Post
You believe that talking in chat is not " solo " enough and you should be totally on your own , without chat . It's an interesting concept , but I doubt it will be more than a thread on this pVp forum. You know, the devs don't really care about PVP
Solo ques in any ranked game always worked differently, it is about the players ability to work in real time with others and take advantage of opportunities because you dont get to talk in voice comms or have serious strats or know each other well and how each other players or set up coordinated kills due to the lack of coordination that is only found in group ranked and premades.
This is not just about swtor, but any game that has a solo ranked ques, solo ranked will always be a different beast to group ranked.

But yeah, I dont know how much attention they are paying to pvp, I know 7.2 is gonna be more pvp focused so maybe we could see some changes hopefully because I want more people to do solo ranked

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12.06.2021 , 01:49 PM | #12
lets take it a step further and disable the screen in all pvp modes!
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12.06.2021 , 04:15 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidAtkinson View Post
This post illustrates the level of maturity that a lot of players from the ranked community posses . Instead of coming up with an argument why that guy isn't right , you directly wanted to make your point by pointing out his elo, as if that that means anything in this ***show anyway .

I am sorry. I forgot that only the cool kids from the top are allowed to have say in matters concerning PVP . 110 elo rated like the OP , who pays his sub the same way as you do should just go back in his basement , keep quiet and l2p.

OP .

Disabling chat won't fix ranked PVP, and you want it taken out because others were saying " nice words " to you . You can read the strat and disable it afterwards . Toxicity will not be fixed ever and you have no control over it . You have, however, control over the way you react when someone is toxic towards you. Also, people won't normally be toxic if you play at decent level , but if you die in 2 seconds every game for example.....
The op wants to squelch an entire population while they play ranked. This thread is for comedic value, typing six paragraphs of why the idea is absurd is not worth anyone's time.
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12.07.2021 , 11:58 PM | #14
+1 to that.
The biggest and most succesfull MMO does exactly that (FFXIV), there's NO chat in ranked, not even team chat and that works perfectly you know why? Because you can MARK someone so everyone follow instructions on which target to focus.

If the chat gets disabled I might consider coming back to ranked.
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12.08.2021 , 01:08 AM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by NogueiraA View Post
+1 to that.
The biggest and most succesfull MMO does exactly that (FFXIV), there's NO chat in ranked, not even team chat and that works perfectly you know why? Because you can MARK someone.
Something we already have in swtor so disabling the chat would be the last step to achieve this.

Sadly many choose to ignore problems and solutions to problems if they conflict with what they ve been taught is normal and right, imagining solutions that are not chained by adherence to the old standards is often needed in order to fix modern problems.

Which is why I am feeling many mmorpgs including WoW have trouble surviving these days, the devs come from the old mmorpg guard, a time where mmorpgs and the playerbase were nothing like today, so all the lessons and design philosophies they developed from back then are irrelevant to today's modern mmorpg.

Hell FF14 has always been an mmorpg that put story and casual content first and foremost, yet to this day there's many old guard mmorpg devs who cant even fathom the idea that people prefer to play MMOrpgs solo rather then group and deal with other people (Expect obviously killing them in pvp xd)

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12.08.2021 , 09:41 AM | #16
I honestly just read the title before I made up my mind about this post. If you disabled chat it would be utter chaos with everyone attacking whoever they thought would be a better target resulting in basically 8 people 1v1ing. It would be dumb