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Hood down option

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09.28.2021 , 01:20 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by WHTJunior View Post
I agree with this request every time I see it. We know it's there, since there are races that can't wear them. Just give us a checkbox that allows us to act like our character is a Togruta, Kuubaz, Trandoshan, etc. Call it "Hood Down" if you like, but the tech is already there.
"Hood Down" would be a bad name, since it would almost certainly just *hide* the hood, just as the current set of helmets and species do. (In no case do you see a visible "downed" hood for up-hood gear and those species / helmets.)

It should be called "Hide Hood".
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09.30.2021 , 10:09 AM | #12
I would be totally fine if every cloak with a hood, had a hood up and hood down version. There are some out there now, that I use. I have both sets in appearance tab, depending if I want hood up or hood down.

I want a hood down version of my tribal robes set, but that set is one of the ones we lost when lost CxP boxes and went boring renown boxes.

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09.30.2021 , 02:10 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Phazonfreak View Post
There is a strong possibility that we will get that option some time next year as part of the upcoming technical and UI improvements for the yearlong anniversary celebration. Charles Boyd, the Creative Director for the game, hinted at something like this during the last livestream for the upcoming expansion.
I really hope this is the case, but after waiting years for the weapons designer they had talked about, I really don't have much optimism. I think Bioware should start giving out some tidbits about non-combat features to start building interest in the expansion. Right now the only thing interesting I've heard about is the Remnant gear being unlockable in collections.