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returning player - need guidance on crew skills

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returning player - need guidance on crew skills

rdhtzl's Avatar

11.27.2021 , 05:55 PM | #1
I started playing at launch but stopped my subscription after KotET. I just resubscribed and used a token to start a new level 70 Mercenary for Onslaught. The algorithm gave me Armortech, Scavenging, and Underworld Trading, all at 600. Are crew skills still relevant to the game? Are these decent crew skills or should I abandon them and start crew skills from scratch? Thanks in advance.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

11.28.2021 , 05:09 AM | #2
Don't fuss about it for now. 6.X crafting is an on-going train wreck, with only augments and Biochem reusables being worth the effort at grade 11 (600+).

Wait for 7.0 to release on 14 December (less than three weeks away), and see how they wreck crafting even more than they already did.
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