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Can we expect a replacement to Renown in 7.0?

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Can we expect a replacement to Renown in 7.0?

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02.23.2022 , 12:35 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Draksen View Post
Well, I like the Renown system. I know some of you don't.
Renown is removed in 7.0, fine. But will it be replaced by a new system? A kind of "progression" with levels,with or sithout specific rewards (crates), which for some us gives a feeling of progression, making end game as a casual player more fun than many other mmo of the market.
Thanks for your comments
Whole heartily agree ! It's why I did KOTEE and KOTFE and the post Odessan quests. The Illusion of Character progression and the Renown crate drops on Level where you got mods or Kit, that could only be better if you crafted or had enough coin to use the Galactic Market place (I don't craft and with 20M in Legacy coin over 2 years of playing) the market place doesn't give me much I can afford.

removing it and giving no incentive to play beyond L80 is a dumb move