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Ardun Kothe SPOILERS

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07.25.2021 , 06:15 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by leihn View Post
If I had to dark side, I would've saved Saber, Chance, and Wheel, the only one I wanted to kill was Hunter for being a d-bag.

As a light side choice, you defeat him at the Shadow Arsenal and let him walk away, suggesting that we all make mistakes and it doesn't mean we should die for them.

Doing so means the SIS break up your fake-death on Corellia and you have the option of telling Ardun Kothe the truth, a lie, or fighting them I think. I told him the truth about the Star Cabal and when you finally get to their Space Station, he shows up after your confrontation with Hunter saying that he followed your ship to see if it was real, and asks for the Black Codex, suggesting that the Sith would corrupt it and use it maliciously, while you couldn't personally hunt down all the conspirators, but the SIS could.

I refused and he agreed to walk away.
frankly, I don't trust SIS much, either.