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Bring back Flamethrower!!!!!

BonnerFett's Avatar

01.26.2021 , 11:01 AM | #1
It's such an iconic BH ability. The animation was awesome.

Darkchip's Avatar

01.28.2021 , 07:03 AM | #2
Alot of people have already requested this through out the years since they did the change sadly it doesn't look like it's coming back since they basicly took away all channel abilitys away from melee.

It was one of the best abilitys that i would always love to press now honestly it's kinda sad looking it's a little puff of flame that really doesn't look that scary anymore it looks more comical.

Oobidoo's Avatar

02.09.2021 , 03:11 PM | #3
I was just about to make this post. How can a BH not have a flamethrower?????

WE WANT FLAMETHROWER BACK!!!! Doesnít have to be a channel where you stand still of course
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JoeKickarse's Avatar

08.24.2021 , 11:35 PM | #4
First they took our sideways pistol Unload animation, then replaced our awesome flamethrower/firestorm with a flame fart. They also gave us a rocket minifridge on our back in place of Death from Above. This spec is the only reason I keep coming back to the game, but they keep doing weird things to it, it hurts my soul.

Tenacity's Avatar

08.29.2021 , 09:32 PM | #5
I don't see why they can't just swap the stupid-as-hell animation that Onslaught uses for the old flamethrower. Both had about the same animation duration, and onslaught... it's just ridiculous.
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09.22.2021 , 01:07 PM | #6
I do miss that ability.
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09.28.2021 , 08:44 AM | #7
Please for the love of god give it back.
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10.06.2021 , 03:34 PM | #8
Would love to see it comeback. AP was my favorite spec even when it was Pyro, for the sake of building up that big flamethrower and melting a group of players. Good times.
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