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Crafting Skills Critical Amplifiers

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Crafting Skills Critical Amplifiers

KomutanC's Avatar

02.04.2021 , 07:33 AM | #1
I just wonder if these following augments got fixed by the developers:

Critical Armormech Increases Armormech crafting critical success chance.
Critical Armstech Increases Armstech crafting critical success chance.
Critical Artifice Increases Artifice crafting critical success chance.
Critical Biochem Increases Biochem crafting critical success chance.
Critical Cybertech Increases Cybertech crafting critical success chance.
Critical Synthweaving Increases Synthweave crafting critical success chance.

I have read the 2019 forums and have found that they do more harm than good (since they are broken). Is it still like that, after almost 2 years?

Xeyska's Avatar

02.06.2021 , 08:46 AM | #2
As far as I know, (and seen around), they are still broken. I've avoid them simply on principle so I can save my credits when rolling.

Toraak's Avatar

02.06.2021 , 01:37 PM | #3
Truth is, we don't know. Each Critical is a max of +10. Not +10%, but just +10. So how much is +10 in the formula? if it's +10/1,000 then having +90 (one for each mod in your gear) doesn't even add up into a 1% boost. If this is the case, they may be working, but we wouldn't really notice a difference in how much we Crit while we're crafting.

Croixxxx's Avatar

02.06.2021 , 02:18 PM | #4
The suspense for this I find amusing somewhat. Especially with BW being quiet about it.

phalczen's Avatar

02.06.2021 , 06:51 PM | #5
They certainly don't do any harm, since there is nothing superior (see *) that it really competes with on the Mod-type item modification slot, assuming you are making a dedicated crafting outfit.
But yeah as Toraak said, we don't know the magnitude of the benefit, so there is no way to confirm if they are working. On the flip side, the smaller the benefit, the more tens of thousands of crafting occurrences you would need to detect a difference.
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