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Some ideas for next strongholds

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Some ideas for next strongholds

orichichan's Avatar

07.28.2021 , 03:20 PM | #1
Here is a list of suggestions for future strongholds:

A house with Voss style with a balcony and on 2 floors (house size => like Dromun Kass or Coruscant). There are also a garden with Voss style + a small cave.

Bonus (if this stronghold isn't too big):
Add a very very very very small Shrine of Healing (3 rooms => 2 underground rooms + 1 room to the surface).

An area with 5 structure (4 farms/houses + 1 barn) with the same size to the other ones we find on Dantooine and a (big) field to cultivate.
Some examples what I have in my mind or we could have:
What we could see in the distance when we are in our stronghold:

Bonus (if this stronghold isn't too big):
An other area with the first one (we switch areas with a speeder) with a small/medium jedi academy => central area for our starship + 4 rooms in the jedi academy + a small garden + a small crystal cave.

A house with Makeb style (mesa) on 2 or 3 floors with a little private garden located towards the back (stronghold size => like Dromun Kass or Coruscant).

A mandalorian camp (like the area we have in the Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter 14 with the same area size for this stronghold) with 2 or 3 small bunkers (like the ones we have in Knights of the Fallen Empire chapter 14).

Feel free to share your opinion about that.

OlBuzzard's Avatar

07.28.2021 , 04:40 PM | #2
I have 3 of my own :

** Ski chalet .. complete with ski lift and slope to schuss or slalom and a beautiful view of a mountain side. A great place for R&R.

** Lake side cabin: complete with 21ft bass boat (hey ... don't mess with the dream !! )

** All time #1 favorite:

The space station on the outer rim. Multilevel: with 3 observation decks (one of which is totally 3-D outstanding). (Possible defensive network a possibility scattered in the surrounding area !)

I even took the time to put together a little story.. ( yeah it's a bit corny ... but I had fun !)
I sense a disturbance in the force ....
What was ... is no longer
"Tear down this wall"

Tadagyt's Avatar

08.05.2021 , 12:01 AM | #3
I want a stronghold in Zakuul or Mek-sha.
Long live the Empire!