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Looking for a Resurrected Assault Cannon (crafter)

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Looking for a Resurrected Assault Cannon (crafter)

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05.01.2021 , 06:40 AM | #1
Looking for a player who has the Resurrected Assault Cannon schematic. Its for Armstech. It would have come from REing the main hand that dropped from Revan in SM during 3.0 before it was removed from the game in 4.0.

Yes I know its VERY rare. And yes I know its one of the few shells they still havnt added a tuning too. But it is my favorite assault cannon shell and sound and want it on every commando I have. I will pay mats and if maybe some millions if needed as well. (If someone has it on Satele Shan, I could possibly work something out.)
I love Star Wars.