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swtor payment method error 0

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swtor payment method error 0

nunses's Avatar

10.18.2021 , 01:01 PM | #1
i cant buy the subscription for 1 month, i have that issue

jedi-charlotte's Avatar

10.19.2021 , 03:04 PM | #2
There are three options I see here:

1.You could try to login to "MySwtor", then click on "MyAccount" and then "Subscription", then "show payment history" and add through that page a new card and delete the former one listing. After that; go back to regular purchase method (it's quite an old "trick", hasn't worked for all and might not be working anymore).

2. Call costumer support.

3. Buy a gamecard over Origin although they cost quite some money, so that should rather be your last resort.

I don't know whether or not that Error can have other reasons but here is my guess of what to do.
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