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Sorcerer Feedback

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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11.11.2021 , 11:21 AM | #81
I copied over my Sorcerer main again today (following the update and having played around with the Sage changes).
My main feedback is the ability tree IS NOT WORKING correctly. The tree is making its own selections and ignoring everything you choose. Want Chain Lightning? Nah, game gives you Halted Offensive whether you select it or not - it is not clear whether this is intended - does chain lightning chain to Halted Offensive at level 27? Want Phase Walk not Volt Rush? You're getting Volt Rush too whether you want it or not. I chose Whirlwind BUT (see ** below).

Force Slow is clearly gone which is still the worst thing about this UNLESS there will be a way to buy it / earn it as part of the new customisation with any force abilities.

**Phase Walk and Whirlwind in the same tree? I'm trying to think of something constructive to feed back about this but can't (and couldn't for tele either). It's a terrible decision. If you're taking away force slow, we should have both of these instead.

Is there likely to be a PTS version of the ability tree that works properly? Or is this a bug that only affects copied characters (I don't think I had this issue when I created a level 80 in the last PTS update). Also, the unfinished character interface (C) is not helping. How much longer is that going to be a "work in progress"? Will we get to test a fully working character interface?

Whilst I'm aware it's a bug, I have to mention the Inventory again. Seriously I'll say again, how can such a small thing be worse than any other issue on the PTS? I was hoping it would be fixed this pts patch
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11.12.2021 , 12:17 AM | #82
For all specs:
Conspiring Force. level 78. Maybe replace it with 30% AOE damage reduction? Merge Conspiring Force with Slow Mercy tactical.

Creeping End. level 43:
Applying Creeping Terror reduces the cooldown of Recklessness by 2 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 5 seconds.
I don't get it. Replace it with some real burst option like(this is based on an old set bonuses and passives)

Creeping End for burst, Eternal Torment for cleave and Downfall for sustained DPS. Simple design.

Off Balance. level 43. Lightning already have too much roots, slows and mobility. AOE root and slow from Chain Lightning, slow from Lightning Bolt.

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11.28.2021 , 10:49 AM | #83
Streamlining is a great idea when you have many abilities. To streamline, you do three things:
1. Combine current skills.
2. Make some existing active skills into passive skills.
3. Allow players to have some options on which skills to have active and which to have passive.
What you have done is nerfing. Taking away skills through forced choices is not streamlining; it is only annoying. You will drive away people from the current player base. For example, my two favorite classes are Merc and Sorc. I will not play either anymore, but will try to adjust to other classes (all of which I have at max level). New players should not be affected.
I strongly suggest that you keep the current skill-tree system until you can revamp your attempt in a positive direction.
My comments come after watching many videos of people on the PTS. The PTS is still downloading for me.

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12.09.2021 , 02:32 AM | #84
My feedback is simple, unlock the combat styles for force users. Especially on PTS, There seems to be no reason to require force users to complete a full play through to chapter 3 in order to unlock the alternate styles, assuming that even is possible based on what we've heard it requires a legacy so what I either cant do it at all, or I need to create and level 2 PTS characters from level 1 with no double xp?
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12.11.2021 , 07:33 AM | #85
Having Lightning Storm as a passive at level 1 on a Lightning Sorcerer feels like a waste, considering that with the current build you will not get Chain Lightning until level 23. As it is now on PTS, I get a proc for something I don't have yet. Maybe it would make more sense to switch Lightning Storm with the passive you are currently getting at level 23, Lightning Effusion.
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12.15.2021 , 02:33 PM | #86
Not sure if you're looking at this thread anymore, Devs but here's something important. The ability tree is still NOT working correctly for copied over characters. I copied my main, a lightning sorcerer over again. The tree automatically gives me options I would never choose, however when I try to adjust them, in some levels it gives me two abilities when I should only be able to have one. And it lets me keep the default abilities given on logging in as well as the ones I choose. Whilst this suits me fine, I'm pretty sure it's not your intention to allow us to basically have almost every active ability in the tree! Example: The level 27 tree - it's letting me have Halted Offensive AND Forbidden Knowledge or Suppressive Current. Shouldn't choosing Forbidden Knowledge or Suppressive Current revert Halted Offensive back to normal Chain Lightning? Or is Chain Lightning supposed to change to Halted Offensive at level 27? If that's the case, why isn't it in it's own tier with the other two options joined to it?

Another example: Tier/level 47 - The game default is Unlimited Power but I want Overcharged Barrier. The game keeps overriding my choice and forcing me to have Unlimited Power. Is this intended?

I'm sure I fed this back during the actual test for this class.
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01.09.2022 , 12:13 AM | #87
man i got all excited when i saw there are 2 new skills in the lightning tree....the have the same animation as chain lightning & lightning strike lmao.
everything else has already been said in this thread.
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01.15.2022 , 05:00 AM | #88
Volt Rush is still meh for Madness. Please, merge is with The Rushdown tactical.

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01.27.2022 , 06:02 PM | #89
A few things that could use some work on for the class abilities and the ability tree.

Firstly, with Force Mobility, being in a tier with other option is very questionable. Having something like Thundering Blast, Innervate and Force Leech may be activated while moving should really be in a standalone level tier. Since this ability is essential for all specs and in all circumstances PVP, PVE from levelling to end game content.

Secondly, with the Jolt ability at level 31, having a core ability like this at level makes 31 is a bit too high. If /when you encounter something like Strong, Elite and Champion NPCs (who don't have the immune to interrupts buff) for content like story bosses, heroics, flashpoints and even warzones. This should be a core ability from level 1. If this is not feasible then looking at something like level 10 when you really can start doing content like heroics would be more appropriate.

Thirdly, no Combat revives for DPS (with heals as an off spec). Although was only doing solo content on the PTS. Removing this ability from DPS specs I can see being a huge issue on the live servers, especially in groups with no healers like Veteran Flashpoints. Even in groups with healers doing challenging content like Master Mode Operations, Uprisings, and Flashpoints. As what happens if the healer has gone down no one can revive them in a critical situation which can make or break the fight. Most likely it will end up in a wipe. If you do not wish to return this ability then maybe having the ability to change spec mid fight could be an answer, but would be even more complicated to implement and could have other negative implications.

Lastly with the abilities tab, I know this is a WIP (Work in Progress) as a suggestion separating out the passives from the active abilities would be really helpful. One way of doing this is for example is having an Active and Passives tab pop up when once you have selected sorcerer in the dropdown.

The_Wulff's Avatar

01.29.2022 , 12:31 AM | #90
Hello SWTOR Team,
I wanted to wait until the test server was closed to give my feedback of how it felt playing the Sorc play style.
My main on the live server is a Madness Sorc and my secondary is a Corruption Sorc so I have a bit of experience with the class. I am sorry I rarely played Lightning so I will not comment on that play style as I don't have a point of reference.

I played through from start to finish with the Madness spec and by end game it feels almost comparable to the current end game with a few notes missing. The path to end game feels poorly planed out. The biggest complaints I have for Madness from a leveling standpoint is that it is a light armor dot spread class and you have broken that progress by the order that abilities are granted. This is to say that getting the dot spread at 25 is a nice improvement if we didn't have to wait for level 50 for the dots to become available. I could understand granting only one dot early on to give new players a better understanding of the way to play the class and then drop in the other dots but the choice of death field with nothing to spread for 25 levels is a miss step. This would not be so difficult to mitigate if you had crowd control abilities or DCD's as madness has on the live server. I think that if as a veteran player who goes to planets over-leveled I had some pulls that almost overwhelmed me, you are going to make new players just starting out hate the class.

A point I think hits the hardest with Sorcs is you really can feel the reduction in alacrity. It felt like it took an eternity to do anything on the test server. I spent some time trying to mix and match gear pieces to recover some of that alacrity to no avail. Maybe I should have brought over a crafter to try some augments but in general the class felt slugish on the force regen (both from the alacrity and the loss of the utility for lightning to add force back to the pool) and casting. You may be planing some sort of set bonus or new tchotchke to off set this but as of what was on the test server the class now feels slow.

As for PVP (keep in mind that you couldn't pay me to pvp on the live server) I found the balance to be much better. It is very obvious that pvp is what you balanced the classes to (not that it is a bad thing per se just not my cup of tea) and for the first time in years Madness feels competitive. I was in a few matches with a member of my live server guild and he was laughing at the fact that as a Sorc I didn't just melt anymore. In fact I was able to get kills so from a PVP standpoint I feel that you have put Madness on equal footing.

Things I would like to see for Madness for leveling and learning purposes:
  • At least one DOT before getting the dot spread
  • Whirlwind much sooner to help with crowd management (in the absence of dot spread and shields)
  • Add back additional weak or standard enemies to Whirlwind for PVE
  • a passive or opt in to have force lightning add force back to the pool

If I had my choice I'd like to keep both extrication and phase walk to help teach new players OPs but that is more wish list than need for the class.

As for the play through what I found was playing against story (ie Sorc for warrior story) is that fights that were designed to be hard for particular play styles are easily slept through with another play style. For example A Jug playing the boss fight in the inquisitor story on Nar-Shaddaa does not suffer any ill effects from his force being interrupted where for a Sorc it adds a challenge. Just my 2 cents the game could use a pass to make some fights challenging for the off styles too.

I do look forward to seeing what happens on the live server and thank you for putting up the test server and accepting feed back from the community.


PS Sorry if I rambled a bit I have a toddler and haven't had a ton of sleep the last few days