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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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07.18.2021 , 03:12 AM | #10181
I had two very different expierneces last night. First I queued with my guardian (dd) and Battle of RIshi popped up. There was a sage , another guardian (dd too) and a dd shadow. The shadow didn't know the fp and the other guardian just quit. We found replacement (another dd shadow) and I did the tanking as good as I could as a dd and we explained everything to the new player. They were really quick to learn and even managed - together with the other shadow - to reach the clickies without fight. We explained the last boss and tehre was no trouble. It was a fun fp and we were very chatty - really nice experience.

Then I switched to my agent and HS popped out. Ther was a level 75 tank (jugger), a marauder (around level 30 I think) and a sniper ( around level 60). The jugger and the sniper just ran around aggroeing everything and the marauder died. I didn't even had time to pick them up when the otehr idiots ran into the next fight. That was when I called it a day and just left the group. I don't have time for toxic people tbh.
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07.20.2021 , 07:42 AM | #10182
Speaks of toxic people...

Got HS. Some troll charged out, aggroed everything before we even finished loading.
One person who's closest to the troll got kill instantly, me and the other /stuck and stealth out.

Troll kept aggro without dying somehow (I don't know how, he's not even losing health. Must had been standing on somewhere where the trash can't touch him or using some hack? But I don't think there's such a place at the first corner of HS? I don't know because I stuck myself and can't see the exact spot the troll was standing), keep cursing the game and the players and saying things like he hope he got banned for this.

We cant do anything at all because the troll was keeping the aggro on purpose.
So I said "don't feed the troll, I can wait" and we all did nothing and said nothing except whispering each other that we should kick the troll and legacy ignore him later.

Troll finally let himself die because he got no reaction, got kicked and ignored and reported (by another person who said he got death threat).

Summon my lv50 Theron, everything went great.

Some people are simply pathetic.