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how many characters and which crew skills for self-sufficient

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how many characters and which crew skills for self-sufficient

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04.27.2021 , 10:23 AM | #11
The one thing that is missing from this discussion that I'd like to see is consideration of the viability of the different crafted augments at max level and under what conditions. For instance, level scaling makes the versatile augments useless for PVE at levels below 75, and I am not sure there is sufficient level 75 content to warrant their use. I have read that the secondary dps stat augments (accuracy, crit, and alacrity) are of more general usefulness. However, some sources indicate that any necessary accuracy or alacrity can be obtained though other sources (e.g., a stim, enhancements), so the need for these augments may be limited. I have seen limited discussion of tank augments, but what I have seen coupled with what is posted on the GTN tells me that shield augments are the most viable and redoubt augments are the least viable in PVE. To a large degree, I am left with the impression that most of the crafted augments outside of crit and shield serve niche roles in PVE and support a max-level PVP market.

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04.28.2021 , 04:08 AM | #12
Well, there is no reason to stack accuracy beyond 110%, so if you want the optimal amount, the way to accomplish that is with one unlettered Initiative enhancement, two R-18 initiative enhancements, one rating 276 accuracy augment, and a proficient stim. A similar case could be made for alacrity but the desired level isn’t quite as simple as with accuracy. Now it’s true that using R-18s and a 276 augment is going to have excess power in “capped-at-70” content, but so does pretty much everything else you equip. That still doesn’t make it a waste. Do you ever set foot on Onderon or Mek-Sha?

There is really no downside to having more critical, so for instance in “capped-at-70” content the old iRating 228 augments with +96 crit are superior to blue level 75 augments. However, for some classes, particularly weapon (white) damage based classes, there may be a point at which it becomes useful to stack some mastery or power augments instead of critical. This varies from AC to AC and is best described in the Theorycrafters discord for that class. As you correctly say, it is less relevant in “capped-at-70” content.

The optimal amounts of shield and absorb vary depending on your tanking class, but more is generally better, especially when it is at the expense of defense rating. Thus low R-# immunity and sturdiness enhancements (R-1 through R-10) are generally considered superior to their unlettered counterparts.

Now that there are three flashpoints at level 75, I think the utility of 276 augments is increasing ... that niche as you said is getting larger.
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