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Directive 7 question

Advocatis's Avatar

09.24.2021 , 08:28 AM | #11
This happened to me last night. I went through the mentor cutscene and initiated the fight. When I went to put a shield on the droid, it wasn’t with me any longer.

When I triggered the icon to resummon the droid, I got the must be in a solo flashpoint message. I used the mission exit and came back. Same message. I selected the reset flashpoint option. When I went back to the mission, I got the same message.

Otowi's Avatar

09.27.2021 , 11:30 AM | #12
Never had the helper droid bug out on me in any FP's so far, so this must be one of those bugs that happens every now and again, but with no clear pattern as to why it happens, wich makes it hard to fix for the devs.

Random bugs or glitches really sucks, and even more so when they are not fixed.

Hope you all reported the bug in game, and if not done allready, also on the bug section of the forum.