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Can a zabrak be a mandalorian?

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Can a zabrak be a mandalorian?

Foxrynn's Avatar

01.13.2021 , 03:13 PM | #11
Lore wise, anyone not a current Mandalorian can be Mandalorian. Zabraks, Hutts, even Wookies... As long as they fit the ideology of being Mando'ade and are recognized/adopted by a current Mandalorian... Higher rank the Mandalorian is, the better credibility you'll receive.

Aesthetically, my opinion, any bipedal humanoid that can wear some sort of rebreather fit the billet... (Taungs aside). I've seen some cool "Mando" outfits, in game, that don't use traditional helmets. Just normal rebreathers that are usually associated with Sith Warriors/Inquisitors.
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01.25.2021 , 09:33 PM | #12
The helmets in SWTOR are pretty big. Unlike a Twi'lek's lekku, I think it's reasonable enough to assume there are ways for a Zabrak to get a helmet their horns would fit into.

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02.23.2021 , 11:47 AM | #13
My Mandalorian Bounty Hunter in game is a Zabrak, I haven't had any problems with helmets that I have noticed.

Although he's male and the republic (Iridonian) version of Zabrak (unlocked through legacy). Not sure that matters though. I think the helmets may be big enough that there is no clipping or the game engine treats the horns like hair and hides them when a helmet is worn. Technically they do fall into the hair category option in character creation.

As for mental rp which I like to do, I kinda imagine maybe the inside of his helmet is designed with some sort of supporting structure to fit around the horns.