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Collector's Edition Customizations Cross Faction

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Collector's Edition Customizations Cross Faction

Tentou's Avatar

12.20.2021 , 03:08 PM | #1
Now that we can get many companions from the other faction as well as the other faction's combat styles, can we please also open up the companion customizations on the collectors edition vendor from the opposite faction as well? I understand limiting the Imperial Trooper and Republic Officer armor sets to their respective vendors, but unlocking the customizations (or simply making them legacy bound) would be great. Thank you!
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Finnigan_Jones's Avatar

01.14.2022 , 09:58 PM | #2
An Odessen Vendor with both sides CE Vendor offerings would be great. Or at the very least, leave it open to "bound to legacy"

I understand maybe not wanting the armor sets to be crossed over, (republic officer and imperial trooper) but at least the T7 and other companion customizations would be lovely