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Broken or Missing Decorations 6.3

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Broken or Missing Decorations 6.3

EHKodiak's Avatar

06.24.2021 , 09:46 AM | #1
Hi Support,

I've posted large lists of broken or incorrect decorations before, and you have fixed them bit by bit, so here is the most up to date bug list from the decorations windows

Decorations that are broken in the list or have a duplicate name

Commemorative Statue of Darth Malgus - this was broken when the Return of Malgus Statue was brought in, and now the decorations menu lists both under the same name. Screenshot
Datacron: Dark vs Light - Shows 0/0 in the log, preview window shows a log with crates, and this is different to the achievement decoration. Screenshot

Decorations that do not seem to drop any longer (or ever have) from their respective Flashpoints. This one is a short list, but a thorn in the side for collectors.

Copero Resort Rug - A Traitor Among the Chiss FP
Illumination Probe Crate - Blood Hunt FP
Manned Blaster Turret - Colicoid War Games - Doesn't seem to drop even though the chest can now be looted
Corellian AA Turret - Operation Meridian

Decorations that list as their source as Cartel Market, Cartel Packs or Bundles, but which are not actually included in those packs or the cartel market.

Acklay Solider (Probably a typo in the files somewhere for 'soldier')
Battledroid: Alliance - Armed Resistance Command Pack
Covered Light: Green - Armed Resistance Command Pack
Overcharged Iokath Transport Tube - Armed Resistance Command Pack
Zakuul Console - Force Alliance Pack
Festival Flags
Explosive Fuel Tank
Hazardous Material Tank
High Voltage Capacitor
Pressurized Coolant Tank
Void Crystal Container - Marked as Ossus Achievements, but does not exist
Shifting Crystal Container - Marked as Ossus Achievements, but does not exist
Onderon City Wall - Marked as Onderon Rep but do not exist
Luxurious Oval Rug (Purple)
Corellian Zoo Decal
Corellian Zoo Poster
Decal: Recharge Area
Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal
Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal (Imperial)
Heroic Weekly Mission Terminal (Republic)
Seeker Droid: Imperial
Seeker Droid: Republic
Sign: Danger
Sign: Keep Out
Sign: Watch
Starship Fuel Tank
Propaganda: Victory Protocols - Activated
Imperial Travel Station
Republic Travel Station
Ood Bnar Memorial - States Ossus Achievements but isn't available on any achievement.


There is a decoration that looks like a trolley from spirit of vengeance flashpoint at the start of the decoration list with a blank name


I can provide screenshots for any of these if required, or ask me in game. Thanks!

MerlinPotter's Avatar

06.24.2021 , 01:17 PM | #2
Hey, if I had a question do you know whether this asteroid cart from Hammer Station is still dropping, because I've never seen it drop.

EHKodiak's Avatar

06.25.2021 , 09:19 AM | #3
Yes it is

RikuvonDrake's Avatar

07.19.2021 , 12:28 PM | #4
thanks for the list!

been collecting decos recently and got all but the ones you listed here (were even lucky to have/get some of the ones from flashpoints from ppl that got them before), however, I am missing the Commander Tassar Holo as well, did some quick googling and seems like its missing from drops as well

Bloodworthy - Tomb of Freedon Nadd - The Red Eclipse - Darth Malgus

Saga - FriendlyFire - Mango