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Returning pilot questions

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10.23.2021 , 05:52 AM | #1
It's been a few years since I played, and I thought I'd ask a few questions before jumping back into the cockpit. Apparently the starfield as I remember it has changed beyond recognition. When I read a post on here saying strikes could take out battle scouts, my mind sort of went "What alternate universe cantina did I just wander into?"

1. I've watched the GSF School video on changes in 5.5. Aside from the GSF school videos are there any resources you recommend? The pinned guides here are a 'wee' bit out of date.

2. Is there a particular NA server that is more active than the other? The bulk of my characters are on Star Forge, but since I'm going to be starting some new characters to capture some story footage anyway, I don't mind leveling my ships from scratch.

3. Are there designated GSF channels on those servers? Some of my best memories were the post battle chatter after a match.
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10.23.2021 , 08:20 AM | #2
2. Well, Star Forge is kinda more active than Satele Shan.
3. /cjoin gsf for entering GSF in-game chat. There is also GSF discord (link below)
GSF discord
Remusqui - YouTube GSF video channel

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10.23.2021 , 08:57 AM | #3
Yeah, if you /cjoin gsf on any server, you will join the proper channel. Whether they talk or not is an iffy thing lol

you can join the following link for GSF discord, there is lots of current help guides and what not you can look up there.

By the way, anyone can use that discord link, it doesnt expire.

Its for everyone that is interested.
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