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3 new ideas for old 'Space Missions' ...

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3 new ideas for old 'Space Missions' ...

Nee-Elder's Avatar

01.27.2021 , 01:35 PM | #1
There was a recent "complaint" thread from General Discussion forums and here is an exerpt from my suggestion post , just so it doesn't get lost amidst the continual flame-fest in that other thread...
Honestly, just like most of the old early out-dated aspects of SWTOR, things in Space just probably need to be tweaked ever so slightly. A shield regen rate here, an EMP cooldown timer there, etc. As someone who only recently FINALLY achieved 100% green done on all 'Space Mission' achievements (only took me 9 years ) , i'd like to propose a couple of more radical solutions:

Maintain the current difficulty levels, so that it doesn't "de-value" the reputations & achievements already gained by the supposedly "gud" players , but then also...

1. add a co-op mode (2 players group together, splitting the reputation points & xp , whereby each grabs the exact same space mission from their personal ship console, then you get 2 ships at once----still both on-rails--- within the same 'instance' ) . Could be not only super fun & fresh, but also seem "easier" for those who aren't as "git gud" as certain others.

2. the graphics & vastness & objects within some of the space missions is, imo, positively gorgeous not modify existing code to allow for 'space MINING zones' for bonus/new mats ? (utilzing the same ui & controls , but just without the on-rails limitation within that confined instance) ---- *i suppose you could also convert GSF coded zones like this too, but i dunno there's just something extra neat graphics-wise with some of the Space on-rails zones imo

3. please show us the difficulty requirements ( aka "this mission needs Grade __ parts or higher" ) on the mission descriptions themselves that show up on the console LIST (rather than having to click into the 'hyperspace map' and find each mission name quadrant and click onto that map description paragraph) .
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02.25.2021 , 11:18 PM | #2
to Bump this a bit and add a suggestion, would be nice if the frigates, or however they are called, would blow up once you destroyed all of their turrets and shields/engines like they do in LVL 7 missions, it's kinda stupid that a ship that has no turrets to fire from still fires at you.
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02.26.2021 , 04:55 AM | #3
Tbh I would play new Space Mission like they were.
I mean playable, not Grade 7 xD

Two related to story Space Missions and that would be great!
I'm still "disappointed" that we space mission potential wasn't used in Onslaught in battle of Meridian.
There it could be interesting and cool mission before Flashpoint.