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So, about today's story

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04.14.2021 , 12:33 PM | #1


What in the actual bloody Corellian hell? Isn't Gnost-Dural a character who is supposed to be possibly dead or captured, depending on the player's choice? Or is the Republican Dantooine story canon now?
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04.14.2021 , 01:37 PM | #2
Easy answer, this is probably written from the perspective of a Republic storyline. Not the imperial one, does make me wonder if the Empire will get their own version of a prelude
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04.27.2021 , 04:34 AM | #3
Remember, after KOTFE started, all storylines converged. Instead of all 8 stories happening at once, it is now all 1 story. So if you played imp on Ossus, you can kill or spare him, but on pub you can save him. There is only 1 commander on 1 side. So using reason, we can figure out that the prelude that was written was from the pub side as he is alive. However, if written from imp side he would be dead or spared.


I hope this helps