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Dread Corruption vs Rakghoul Virus

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Dread Corruption vs Rakghoul Virus


04.24.2021 , 09:02 PM | #1
I noticed that people and animals corrupted by the Seeds of Rage and other devices of the Dread Masters are quite similar in some ways to those infected by the Rakghoul Disease. The Seeds of Rage seemed almost to turn people into things similar to Rakghouls except their bodies wouldn't change as much. Does the Rakghoul plague have any connection to the Dread Masters? I do recall they were reportedly hundreds of years old and that the Rakghoul plague on Taris had been planted there by Sith before but details weren't mentioned. It was in fact originally Sith-created and some form of it played a part in Sith alchemy. When I traveled to Arcanum station I did have to fight "Rakghoul Patient Zero" who was the one originally infected by the plague. It's origins are older than the Dread Masters since Karness Muur (one of the first Sith Lords) originally invented the disease, but perhaps the Dread Masters were the ones who dispersed it later to Taris and elsewhere in its current form?