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Tech Fragment Vendor Feedback

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Tech Fragment Vendor Feedback
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09.02.2019 , 05:54 AM | #31
The MH/OH vendor drops random weapons that can't be used by the character buying it. I got two cannons, a pistol, a tank lightsaber, a scattergun, and an OFFHAND weapon out of 7 MAINHAND boxes purchases on my Combat discipline Sentinel. And when you buy the belt box, it's a toss up if it'll even show up in your inventory. Bought 5 of them and had to close out the Vendor menu for 1 of them to show up in my inventory

Honestly, I can't even imagine the bugs that will show up during crafting and reverse engineering. You guys should seriously consider adding vendors to the fleets that sell the new crafting mats and tech fragments for 1 cred each so we can actually test this stuff before it goes live.
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09.02.2019 , 10:32 AM | #32
Do you understand what you are getting when you roll on an item?

The system seems broken currently. The vendor states I should get an item for my discipline, but the items are totally random.

How do you feel about the pricing of items?

Seems expensive vs the rate of drops I was getting in VM Hammer Station, especially for a random item that might be garbage.

Do you feel like rolling on these item slots is valuable?

I feel I'd have to have a glut of currency and be desperate for an upgrade for a certain slot to want to gamble on getting something useful.

Irnini's Avatar

09.02.2019 , 12:22 PM | #33
Hi all and sorry for my bad language! I hope you understand everything.

I spent about two and half hour today (using Medpacs to gain Tech Fragments) trying new vendors with my Shadow skank. I was unlucky as always and I managed to increase my IRating from about 268 to 280. I'm quite sure that I used more than 40-50k Tech Fragments. It could take ages to gain so much TFs in a ,,normal" ways and it is still only 280 on a single char.

After this experience, I came up with an other idea when we think about vendors.

First of all, I agree with other players that all of the gear must be moddable. It will allow us to use modification even if we get 10 helmets and 0 bracers etc (you can use modifications from differents parts on other ones if I'm not mistaken). It will also allow to replace not necessary stats with a single new enhacement.

Secondly, both personal drops and vendor items should be bound to discipline. I understand that it should help with gearing a few alts at once but I'm sure that there are way more people with no tank chars than people with no dps/healer chars. What's more, you have 21 healer/dps Disciplines and only 3 tank ones so people with a lot of chars mostly will have more of the first group. Additionaly, tank stats are mostly useless on PvP. And players were complaining about dropping tank mods on DPS chars.

But let's go back to vendors. And here comes my idea:

To start with, keep credits out of this vendors. We will still need a lot of them for augments, changing mods etc.

Let's turn two vendors into three.

1st: Tech Fragments Vendor - I would like it but it is way overpriced. I would just change prices from 200+ to 50 for Belt/Bracers/Implant/Relic, 60 for Head/Legs/Chest and 75 for MH/OH. And of course, gear must be moddable. You also shouldn't get gear lower than -2 from your current rating (for example: you are 280 Rating, you can get 20 278s in a row if you are unlucky, but you can't get a single 276).

2nd: New vendor - this one will sell all of the gear, MH/OH, Implants, Relics and Tactical available for all of the classes. All of them will be 306. Also, if you buy any gear, piece of armor will have 306 modifications inside, no matter what your current rating is. This vendor will stay whole week (or it can be changed to weekdays only). One piece will cost 1000 TFs for Belt/Bracers/Implants/Relics, 1250 for Head/Legs/Chest and 1500 for OH/MH. Okay, it's a lot but it should be adequate to the best item possible.

3rd: Kai Zykken - I really like the idea of him appearing on weekends. It will stay the same. He will appear with a set of about 25-30 random items for random Disciplines/general. This items will change each week, of course. The prices of the items will be a half of the prices from the second vendor (for example 500 for chosen Relic, and 750 for chosen weapon). This way you can collect TFs and spend them on 2nd vendors or wait until weekend and check if you are lucky to buy the parts you are missing for a reduced price. Thanks for using!
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05.24.2020 , 02:56 AM | #34
While it would seem that tech fragments are difficult to acquire... I cannot spend my tech fragments fast enough. I am always capped. The vendor is relatively inexpensive...

What I am noticing is many do not want to put in the time it takes to acquire the tech fragments. As I could do 2 Master Mode Flashpoints with full completion and acquire enough tech fragments and crates that can be reversed engineered into tech fragments that my cap margins; remaining at 10k and I have to figure out where to spend them...

The neat aspect of the vendor is yet to really be discovered.... but catch ya on the GTN :P
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05.25.2020 , 01:45 PM | #35
I really wish a new vendor with new stuff was created that only accepted tech fragments. I have nothing, NOTHING, I need to buy anymore with tech fragments. Don't need gear, don't need decos, don't need mounts, pets, boosts. Now, I constantly sit at 10,000 max. I can't deconstruct anything without getting that red warning message.

We really need something new to buy with tech fragments.

Please, either raise the cap at 999,999 or give us new stuff to buy.

Edit: Maybe add tech fragments as something the Jawa vendors would accept for mats?
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bryanskrantz's Avatar

05.27.2020 , 06:03 AM | #36
I don't like how random it is. there should be items within your class that's random. So if you're a jedi or a sith you should be getting random jedi or sith lightsabers and armor and misc items. Also there should be vendors tied to levels and gear ratings. So if the highest gear rating is 400 there's a vendor for that level.

DarthEndonae's Avatar

06.20.2020 , 04:07 PM | #37
This is a waste of tech fragments. It's best to save them up for the set bonus pieces and tacticals, the gear you get is ample. I would possibly use this vendor if it sold specific mods/enhancements instead of having just a chance of getting what I need. The biggest thing though is that we need all of the BiS set bonuses and tacticals to be available for purchase with tech fragments. For example, Juggs will have to do Dxun MM to get their set and PT's have had to do Dxun to get Emergency Power.

If a set is going to be unavailable from the vendors, it should be either bad or gimmicky and strong, like Endless Offensive is a great example of a set that is okay to stay as a boss drop. Also, all sets that drop should be able to drop from any boss from that difficulty level of content. No set should be restricted to a single raid.

FLScuddie's Avatar

06.23.2020 , 07:12 AM | #38
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey folks,

Aside from the Kai Zykken vendor, there is also another vendor where you can spend tech fragments which is located in the supplies section of the fleet. This vendor will allow you to roll items for a specific slot. Let us know your thoughts:
  • Do you understand what you are getting when you roll on an item?
    -Yes, a random "grade" of that item, R-3, R-19, etc, equivalent to my current overall item level.
  • How do you feel about the pricing of items?
    -I think it's just fine.
  • Do you feel like rolling on these item slots is valuable?
    -Yes. To me, this vendor is for "end game" use only. It's a way to get "best in slot" item modifications, and allows tech fragments to continue to have value after all set pieces are obtained.

    Additionally, it is a way to help expedite item level advancement outside of relying on only random drops from missions/renown/FPs. It is not designed (at least I hope not) to be the primary way to equip a character, but rather supplement the process. I think it works perfectly.

Kai Zykken on the other hand can eat @#$)*.

theJudeAbides's Avatar

06.23.2020 , 01:21 PM | #39
While this vendor is useful, I agree that we could use more vendors to spend frags on.

One thing that would be REALLY useful would be vendors that sell specific R-value mods and enhancements. I wouldn't care if these cost 5x as much as the random ones, or even 10x. At this point, the only gear I really care about is specific R-value items that I'm dependent on RNG to get. Having a guaranteed way to get those specific R-value items would be really nice.

Another item that would be useful to purchase is Legendary Embers for crafting. Right now, we're entirely dependent on RNG to get these. If you look at GTN, the price of Embers has skyrocketed since they made Conquest easier to do (thus increasing the amount Solid Resource Matrices on the market). I mean, right now I have over 1000 Solid Resource Matrices that I can't even use for crafting because I have less than 100 embers and the cost of embers on the GTN is nearing 1M each. We need a way to combat this inflation and having a vendor that sold Embers for, say, 500 tech fragments each would be a good solution to that problem.

darkzannah's Avatar

08.20.2020 , 09:05 AM | #40
Why not sell decorations whi tech