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Goodbye to Lawrie from Ancient Dark Guardians

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Goodbye to Lawrie from Ancient Dark Guardians

lorddjole's Avatar

06.21.2021 , 06:28 AM | #1
I am thinking for a while now as to how to say the following .... And I am failing to make it as it should be ... great and brilliant as Lawrie was.

I am to inform all who knew him that our dear @Lawrie passed away last night.
Great person who will be forever missed and also forever remembered in our guild.
As he said goodbye to me just yesterday morning i was dreading of the moment we will be informed by his wife of his passing. Untimely passing ...
Those who knew him and have played with him will agree with me that he was unique and lovely person. Always bright and cheery in great and nice mood and always there to talk and have fun. This will be missed in our guild. His positive energy and his warm personality was his trademark.

i could go on and keep typing incoherently for days cus as much as i am trying i am failing to find the words to say farewell ... given that i never wanted to say it ever to him.
all i am gonna say is however ....
last one RAWR to you my friend

Rest in Peace Lawrie
We will always love you and remember you,
Ancient Dark Guardians
Siddiouse AKA Sid
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians

justacceptitpls's Avatar

06.21.2021 , 06:31 AM | #2
May the ground be light to you Lawrie! <3

TerminatorBOSS's Avatar

06.21.2021 , 06:38 AM | #3
Sad times!! Take Care m8, you'll be missed a lot!!

Gorche's Avatar

06.21.2021 , 06:40 AM | #4
Rest in peace my friend.
We had great time with you in team ***.
You'll be forever remembered!

Satsyai ❤

lorddjole's Avatar

06.21.2021 , 06:44 AM | #5
Indeed he will be missed a lot.
Siddiouse AKA Sid
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians

lorddjole's Avatar

06.21.2021 , 06:47 AM | #6
Message from Lawrie's wife to our guild

I’m writing to let you know that my husband Joseph (Lawrie) sadly left us last night after being moved to his hospice. He received excellent care in the end, was comfortable and drifted off in as graceful and peaceful a way we could have hoped for. When he knew of his prognosis he asked me to tell you when this happened so you could update “the guild” of his passing. I understand Sid wanted to know so he could make an announcement.

From my own perspective I wanted to say he often spoke of you all and it was clear how much he admired and respected his online friends. I could always tell by the way he spoke of you that he cared deeply for all of you.

As difficult as this news is he wanted me to use his own words in saying “this is not a secret” which was his way of telling people you are free to give out as much or as little detail as people ask for.

As such he and I are happy for you to share the above as well as anything else relating to his health that he told you with your community.

Thank you and take care,

Siddiouse AKA Sid
Guildmaster of Ancient Dark Guardians