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<Hates You> Looking for Raiders for a new casual team

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<Hates You> Looking for Raiders for a new casual team

JuggernautReaver's Avatar

04.21.2021 , 02:02 PM | #11
Hello, I just came back and am looking for a NiM guild, my current parse for my sniper is
I am also able to play other dps at this level, I previously was a NiM raider before I stopped playing. Nothing has really changed since my break and am about to be on a more stable schedule starting next week. Can hit me up in Discord on Reaper#6361
Any response is appreciated, have a good day.
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thebestbeast's Avatar

04.22.2021 , 01:37 PM | #12
Hey, I'm a Lightning sorc who is interested in getting into Progression in swtor.

I haven't done any ops since 1.x when the game first came out however I am a mythic WoW raider (currently 6/10 M) on Sire, playing fire mage, which is somewhat similar to sorc.

I'm looking to join a guild that might help me get up to speed in swtor, very interested in doing NiM and HM prog