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Gathering Feedback

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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02.28.2019 , 11:58 PM | #171
What you should take away as feedback, is that we plain don't trust y'all. Every single time you've said things were going to get better, they haven't. 5.0 gear changes were met with a 'thud' but we were told it was 'fun'. 5.8 positively killed my guild, but we were told it was background changes that we didn't understand. 5.10 brings a wholly different gearing system, but you keep trying to call it tier 5. WE DONT TRUST YOU. Everything keeps getting worse. It would be so much better, if y'all just put it in maintenance mode and fixed bugs. Every time you say its going to get better, we lose half the population again. There isn't a half to divide again.

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03.01.2019 , 01:42 PM | #172
Musco took a long weekend eh? Back to not talking about the feedback you supposedly requested? Maybe both.

On the plus side, good job Mr. Steed for posting more than we've seen from Musco in the last 4 months.

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03.01.2019 , 01:50 PM | #173
Quote: Originally Posted by FlameYOL View Post
Musco and Dan have been active in other threads. Take a look at the Developer Tracker, it hasn't been this active in a while.
Being active v.s being productive are two different things. Don't be tricked by the fancy golden lettering. 99% of the activity is either them starting a thread for us to discuss/argue over or a couple two liner posts to distract us.

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03.01.2019 , 04:15 PM | #174
Feedback Eh? hmm I still have glitching graphics on all starting worlds that seem to clear up past Coruscant/Koraban since like Launch. Across all my computers all bought at different times and locations. they are older computers because I cant afford to upgrade to a newer one very often. but they were a lot newer at launch. OH how about when we install the game default setting isn't 800x600 Resolution that might help some too "Cough" OH also fix the error message on origin when people install the game it has been popping up for a few years now too.. hmm maybe if you fixed the minor bugs and issues you would get a more positive feedback from people who love this game and still wish to call it home since day 1? just a thought.

EDIT: Before I forget couple other things that would help... put the DvL Armor set people earned on the Class Legacy Venders for those who completed that portion of the Event. also you still haven't lowered the requirements to the pre-order crystals other than war hero's.. why are the others still Req. Level 50?? in fact why are there even restrictions on crystals? anyhow all crystals especially cartel ones should have a requirement level 1 the artifact ones do. oh but only those with a kiosk in their SH can actually purchase those on the GTN... see its things like that to which doesn't make any sense that seemingly gets forgotten about and BW/EA just sits on the thumbs... Sorry Eric I wish I could be really positive but, not seeing these changes and no word on if they will ever be addressed gives me and I am sure a lot of people... rage syndrome. just saying Lol!
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03.02.2019 , 06:33 AM | #175
Quote: Originally Posted by Costello View Post
I don't think this has anything to do with the state of Anthem, this is our annual we will communicate more post. Its a tradition, for a week it lasts, no real information, but dev tracker is more interesting or at least more active then dies off again.

While Anthem is perhaps failing in the worst possible way for Swtor, base game good, lack of content. Well they will argue that if they had more devs like the 2 that are left on Swtor they could produce more content. And lets face it they aren't really doing much here other than catering to Keiths raid progression group so its unlikely much of an argument will be made they can't be transferred to Anthem. At least if it had failed on just being awful game play a few extra devs wouldn't make much difference at this point.
This^ plus this:
Quote: Originally Posted by Batwer View Post
Did you expect something else? That was clear. They always tell us the same crap. If the answer does not fit is kept silent.
Is what I think but want I to be wrong; I hope they're are reading, understanding and acting on all of our feedback. Breath not being held
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03.02.2019 , 11:06 AM | #176
Oh, so now you want to listen to feedback? Huh, well could have used that probably in all the time Swtor has been alive....7 years a bit too late. Seriously, its like the dev team has gone out of its way to alienate every single aspect of the player base (hec, event the RPers are reeling with the story choices over the past three years). All the content in Swtor is a repetitive grind-fest now which doesn't hold because we've been grinding the same content since the game's release. I just don't know how to put into words my confusion with the direction this game has taken, especially in the last three years. Your game is haemorrhaging subscribers and f2p players alike, WAKE UP and actually do something about the feedback you've been ignoring forever.

Give something back to the pvpers and raiders, instead of punishing them. Give us more engaging stories rather than the silly fan fic that was the Zakuul storyline. ENGAGE with your players, make more events, keep in touch with people. Do not sit at your desk and ask for feedback, actively look through the damn threads and forums and take into account peoples ideas that have been floating around forever and then propose on how the game could improve. Jeez.
Quote: Originally Posted by athenaprime View Post
But at least there's Mako. Nice, normal Mako. All six of her.
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03.02.2019 , 01:05 PM | #177
Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
omg Darth Lunafox in the house

I think the devs are actually focusing on the game because 6.0 will be a real expansion. I mean, why bother with all these gold posts otherwise? I'm sure they will do things we don't like, but as long as the game isn't stagnant, nor going in a single solitary direction -- like chapters in 4.0-5.0 -- I am happy..... ish.

Anyway, I don't think this is "damage-control" involvement of devs in the forums (the damage has been done long ago), it's a: 6.0-is-coming-let's-take-control-of-the-forums-so-we-can-properly-market-the-game attitude.
Rion_Starbrah! *high-fives*

I hope you're right. I keep hoping that it's a real expansion and something that will knock our socks off. I hope that the more optimistic viewpoints like yours are shown to be right. This is a situation, where I'd love to be wrong, but I guess I'm old, and cynical and my carrot has been ganked from between my teeth too many times.

I guess the announcement they've been promising about the future isn't so far off now, as they said they'd tell us things during the Star Wars Celebration wasn't it? Hear's hoping.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Rion_Starkiller View Post
omg Darth Lunafox in the house

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03.02.2019 , 02:02 PM | #178
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Happy Monday everyone! Getting fully caught up on the thread I think there is some great feedback in here and they are things I will take into account in trying to improve our communication more.

The one I want to highlight especially is what Sarova put so succinctly above. Acknowledgement in some cases is something I have always been hesitant about, if I don't have a real update to provide I have always shied away from just simple acknowledgement. Mainly because I don't want the forums to turn into a bunch of "we are aware" or "good feedback" when there may be a number of situations where I wont have a follow-up.

However, let's cross that bridge when we get to it. I think I need to abandon my own caution around acknowledging issues where I don't have larger updates. It is clear that a strong starting point is better awareness by all of you that we are in fact reading your feedback, aware of your bugs, etc. and that situation is where we are lacking.

Expect to see more yellow posts around the forums from myself and others (as I highlighted in my other post). And I don't doubt that you wouldn't do it, but call out when we are lacking.


Please stop talking about improving communications. We've heard promises to improve communications since the beta, and it's only gotten worse as EA completes its assimilation of Bioware. So stop promising things will get better and to quote Sheev Palpatine, "DO IT". Or as Yoda would say, "Do or Do not, there is no try". When both the dark and the light side agree on something, its a pretty sure thing.
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03.02.2019 , 02:05 PM | #179
Quote: Originally Posted by BFBHitmarkers View Post
Being active v.s being productive are two different things. Don't be tricked by the fancy golden lettering. 99% of the activity is either them starting a thread for us to discuss/argue over or a couple two liner posts to distract us.
Sure, I'll take your word for it.
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03.02.2019 , 04:02 PM | #180
Since bioware is starting to talk about (mostly on pvp but I will take any conversation I can get) can we please, like please get a decent ui to track dots? I searched the forums, and it's been asked for so long and we still don't have a viable option to do so.
Bioware's opinion for releasing the game api was clear from day one. I don't understand or agree with that decision but because you underestimate community development option. That's free coding and big improvement on quality of life of players. Maybe you think that it will lead exploit with fragile engine? Maybe you think that it will be unfair for who don't want to use add ons. Whatever is the reason I gave up hope on any api support.

But can you please tell me, after 7 years, we can't at least make other players dots transparent or invisible? This is at least you can do, let alone timers, and countdowns. I don't wanna see other players dots. It's already enough to track down in a raid enveroiment. It's even worse on pvp.

I would like to go with option one, open restricted api on UI so we can code whatever we want, or least give us an option to make others players dot's more transparent.