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I don't have to Put up with This?! (achievement)

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I don't have to Put up with This?! (achievement)
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10.24.2021 , 08:26 AM | #191
Quote: Originally Posted by Pigglesworth View Post
Still another day of Jellied Glowshroom Stew? Seriously, you fixed the Challenge Dish by breaking the easy dish.

One of my guildies posted this:

Spicy Nexu Tongue = 1 point.
Ultimate Galactic Sampler = 2 points
Braised Scyk Belly = 4 points
Jellied Glowshroom Stew = 8 points
Exotic Medley Delight = 16 points

When will we finally see Exotic Medley Delight?
Also waiting on exotic medley delight... this seems to be my situation. math checks out. anyone else?

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10.24.2021 , 08:56 AM | #192
Exactly the same for me.

Ramell's Avatar

10.24.2021 , 06:08 PM | #193
Exotic Medley Delight is available on Darth Malgus as of 0000 UTC, and I just got the achievement. Seems that this one was just not favored by the algorithm, rather than bugged like the Nexu one.

Edit: if anyone's wondering, I just left through the door immediately after entering on all missions.

Allamirr's Avatar

10.24.2021 , 08:25 PM | #194
Exotic medley task just popped up on the list. On Star Forge server. Took it 2 weeks lol.

Tropik's Avatar

10.24.2021 , 09:24 PM | #195
thanks for the update. confirmed it on satele shan...
got my achievement . thanks!

Sarova's Avatar

10.28.2021 , 01:27 PM | #196
Should this achievement unlock in your list (by that I mean be viewable without doing the find/inspect/chat-link malarky) or does it say hidden until it's completed?

I just did the walk-out of the Nexu Supreme challenge dish and nothing happened.
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10.28.2021 , 02:52 PM | #197
It will show up in your achievements only after you completed quitting during all 5 missions: 3 Easy Cooking ones, 2 Challenge dishes.
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10.29.2021 , 04:16 AM | #198
I only hope the Skyk Belly cooking mission will show up again before the event ends- it is the last one missing for me ^^

by the way- if someone else encounters a very specific peculiar problem, thought I'd share the solution:
my problem was:
I couldn't "fail" a cooking mission (the easy ones that is) by leaving the kitchen
(when I left I couldn't enter again and the mission still said "turn on grill/stove" and no matter if I reset/abandoned the mission, that outcome didn't change)
I had the last story quest for the feast active at the time and when I abandoned that and tried the easy-cooking-mission-fail again, it worked (tested this on 2 chars on 2 different servers)

bncsmom's Avatar

10.29.2021 , 03:52 PM | #199
Quote: Originally Posted by demotivator View Post
TL;DR Show the damn achievements, do not hide them. This is pointless.

I hope that this is tied to the cooking missions, this week has a new dish so it would be logical to have different one for the final week.

Honestly I don't understand the need to hide these achievements, which is causing more stress than anything. I unlocked everything available to this day, so bare the 2 story achievements, this is the last one I need. I would be seriously pissed if I was missing it (hence missing the general achievement for unlocking everything) because there was some serious grind that we weren't aware of.

Besides bugs happen, we know it, they know it. So being able to track your progress should be the norm. Do not hide our progress.
THIS!!! It's ridiculous to have to find someone who's finished it to be able to figure out how much of what needs to be done to finish it! I can understand an exploration achievement being hidden. Or "Eat 25 Ice Scrabbler Jerky" if that were actually an achievement (might be a good one to add...hint hint). But with things that have multiple steps to finish, there is NO GOOD REASON to make them hidden achievements!

bncsmom's Avatar

10.29.2021 , 03:55 PM | #200
Quote: Originally Posted by CommunityTeam View Post
Hi folks,

Thanks for reporting your concerns with this achievement. We're currently investigating "I Don't Have to Put up with This" and its requirements to determine if there are any issues affecting it.

In the meantime, we understand the disappointment among those of you who really wanted to unlock the meta achievement "Master of the Feast" and receive the associated title. We're working on a change for an upcoming patch to remove "I Don't Have to Put up with This" from the meta and retroactively complete the achievement for those who fulfilled the other requirements.
No! Just remove the HIDDEN part of it! Make it visible whether it's complete or not so we can see what we need to do to finish it! Same with the other one!